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4866[ADMIN] Welcome and General Announcements (please read)

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  • Minisinoo
    May 5 1:12 PM
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      Welcome to all the new members (over 100 in the last 2 weeks)!

      First, a couple of administrative matters ... the group's FAQ has
      been updated (and slightly revised). I will be posting that
      separately. PLEASE READ IT. Failure to comply with the FAQ will
      result in warnings, and if the offending member continues to violate
      the terms of the FAQ, he or she could be booted from the group.

      What IS a FAQ? (I'm aware a few don't know.) FAQ = Frequently Asked
      Questions. But really, it's the group's charter and rules.

      The FAQ will be posted to the group at least once a month, and
      perhaps more often, depending on the rate of activity and new
      memberships. The FAQ is ALWAYS available (and in a convenient HTML
      version, too, with links), in our FILES section.

      Another note ... PLEASE -- especially at the current time -- remember
      that not everyone on the list will have seen X2 yet. If you are
      posting a story based on X2, *do not* put anything in the subject
      header that's a spoiler (including your title). That said -- and
      naturally -- one should ASSUME that X2 fiction will contain spoilers
      for the movie. So if you haven't seen X2, open an X2 story, and get
      spoiled ... don't yell at the writer and don't yell at us.

      Remember, there's to be NO flaming on the group, and no general
      discussion of the movie itself. There IS a whole yahoo group
      designed just for X2 discussion: X_MEN_2@yahoogroups.com

      We also have an archive ... yes, indeed. Devil Doll has graciously
      taken the archive from Vic, who revived Kielle's. DD IS LOOKING FOR
      HELP. But I'm going to let her tell you about it. Look for her

      Now that all the "paperwork" stuff is done ...

      BRING ON THE FIC! ;>

      Your Moderators:
      --Victoria P. (victoria_p@...)
      --Minisinoo (minisinoo@...)

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