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4865[ADMIN] 2003 CBFFAs (comicbook fanfic awards)

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  • Minisinoo
    May 5, 2003
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      Despite the word "comicbook" in the title, the CBFFAs do include
      movieverse fanfic. This is the longest-running contest associated
      with X-fic. Be aware that the award IS fairly far-reaching, and
      includes fic related to other comicbook titles than X-Men, but X-Men
      has always made up the largest chunk of it, and now, movieverse has
      moved right in. We even have our own category (as well as
      eligibility in others).

      The voting for this years awards is ALMOST over. It ends tomorrow
      (May 7th) at midnight. If you have not voted and wish to, please go


      IF YOU ARE NEW to this fandom and looking for fic ... a little hint.
      *Nomination lists* are great places to find good fanfic. Winners be
      damned, go check out the nominated stories. By NO means are these
      ALL the good stories out there. But if you're drowning in the sea
      that is X1 Movie Fanfic (and BOY were we prolific!), and you want
      somewhere to start, check out this year's nominations, and also go to
      the list of past winners (see link above) for additional titles. You
      can also make note of names nominated for the various author awards,
      since, if they got nominated for something, more than likely they're
      worth checking out.

      To me, the real value of these contests is less in who wins, than in
      providing nice, tidy collections of nominated "stories I might want
      to read."


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