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4797Ficlet: Business of helping people

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  • lateo0
    Apr 17, 2003
      Title: Business of helping people
      Author: Lateo
      Summery: The best cook they ever had
      Rating: PG13
      Disclaimer: Not mine.
      Comment: I am in such a bad mood and wrote this. English is not my
      first language bla bla bla

      He was the best cook they ever had, not because he served French
      cousin, he mostly made all American food, but he took a care in his
      work and him being a mutant was an added bonus. The kids needed to
      see that a mutant wasn't just limited to becoming some sort of

      He had answered the add and seemed charming, all his credentials were
      in order and when he revealed he was a mutant he was hired on spot.

      He joked with the older kids and made candy for the younger ones.

      He was very muscular and confessed he had studied martial arts. The
      girls, young and old noticed when he walked by.

      The telepaths had trouble reading him and he finally told of his time
      in the labs. They'd tested his healing power when he was there and
      juggled with his memory.

      It had been very painful for him emotionally, he told Jean as she
      hugged him.

      Scott wasn't to sure about the guy but everyone else really liked him
      and who was he to disagree. After all Scott wasn't a telepath.

      He helped Ro with her garden work and saved the seeds from the fruit
      he served for dinner for her. That was so nice of him.

      The professor offered to help him with his memory and he said yes.
      They were in the office for hours.


      How were they supposed to know?

      They were in the business of helping people.

      How were they supposed to know he was in the business of killing them.

      Magneto was very pleased when Wolverine returned home.