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4777FIC: An Unexpected Visitor, (NC-17) 2/?

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  • Henrika
    Apr 10, 2003
      Look for story information in part 1.

      Chapter 2

      The small man, who was Hannibal Lecter - lacking adequate terms, many
      people just chose to call him "monster" - slowly but
      relentlessly led
      Erik Lehnsherr out of the building.
      Doctor Lecter had put on Magneto's topcoat and hat, and besides
      had changed his appearance even more by putting on a wig, a pair of
      smoke-coloured glasses, and a false moustache.
      Erik noticed that he seemed to have been prepared to disguise
      quickly. Yet he wasn't aware of Hannibal Lecter's true
      The doctor held Erik's wrist in an iron-grip all the time they
      walking. He had kept his promise and released Erik's neck once
      got outside the restroom.
      Magneto wasn't sure if he could trust this man, but he decided
      do as he said, at least until they got outside. Lecter seemed to be a
      fugitive - a criminal - but on the other hand he did not seem crazy.
      He remained creepily calm throughout the whole ordeal, and when he
      spoke, his voice was low and controlled.
      When they got outside the building - doctor Lecter insisted on
      walking out through the main entrance, to draw less attention - the
      grip of Erik's wrist suddenly hardened.
      - Do you remember what I said, doctor Lehnsherr? doctor Lecter
      - Absolutely.
      - Good. Pretend that we're in company. Walk calmly and try to
      as normally as you can. Do *not* look around. That will only draw
      - Do you have to hold my arm? Erik whispered back. You are hurting
      me. I won't run, I promise.
      Doctor Lecter smiled. Then he clicked his tongue.
      - We'll see.
      - We'll see what?
      - If you run.
      The grip loosened, but the doctor didn't let go entirely. It
      hurting anymore, thank God, but still Erik sensed that this man was
      watchful and would not do anything irresponsible. But he was grateful
      that the blood flow to his hand could go back to normal.
      It was nice outside. It was autumn, but the fall had been late this
      year, and although it was already early October, people could walk
      outside with no jackets on. The lawn, which represented the
      university courtyard, was full of students, who had spread out
      blankets on the grass where ate, talked, or just enjoyed the warm
      Doctor Lecter looked out for potential FBI-agents, but he saw
      nothing suspicious. Maybe the FBI had not come here for him, after
      all. Maybe agent Simmons and his partner were here for other reasons
      than him. Maybe it was just a mere coincidence that brought them to
      the same place as him this afternoon.
      Doctor Lecter did not know, but he felt relatively safe when he and
      Erik had left the university courtyard, and headed for the parking
      Although he was not going to take any chances. There was a
      possibility that the FBI had sent out a call for his car, a black
      Jaguar. He was going to stick to his plan and leave the university in
      Erik Lehnsherr's car.
      - Which one is yours? asked doctor Lecter.
      - That one, Erik replied instantly, and motioned to his car, an
      elegant, dark blue Mazda.
      - Come.
      Lecter's grip hardened again, and he started pulling Magneto
      the car.
      - I said you could have the car, said Erik.
      - Get in, said doctor Lecter.
      - What?
      - You are driving. Get in. Now.
      - No, wait...-!
      - Hush. I will keep my promise and let you go when we're done
      each other. Until that - do as I say.
      Erik looked around. The world around them was normal, or at least
      as "normal" it could become. People, mostly young people,
      walked past
      them constantly, some accompanied by others, and some alone.
      They could hear talk, laughter, and birds chirping.
      No one could guess that here stood a feared mutant terrorist,
      Magneto, and one of FBI's most wanted fugitives, the serial
      and notorious psychiatrist doctor Hannibal Lecter.
      - Get into the car, doctor Lecter repeated. I am starting to lose
      my patience, Ph.D. Erik Lehnsherr.
      Magneto felt he was beginning to sweat, and his mouth got dry. He
      looked around once more.
      Wasn't there anything he could do for himself? He could
      the car they stood by - his car - or some other car, a lamppost, or
      anything. He could throw away a car, or even a truck, with just one
      Maybe it would frighten, or distract, his kidnapper enough for him
      to tear loose and run away. But if he did anything like that,
      everyone would find out he was a mutant, and he didn't want that.
      Besides Lecter was still holding his wrist hard. The man did not
      seem easily spooked. Getting into a physical fight with him was not a
      good idea. Despite his size, Hannibal Lecter was a fierce fighter,
      and Erik was afraid of him.
      - Alright. I'll drive, Erik agreed.
      - That's my boy. Do you have the keys?
      - In my jacket pocket.
      - Take them out.
      Erik complied and gave Hannibal the car keys. The doctor unlocked
      the door to the driver's seat with his free hand. - Hop in, he
      Erik complied again without objections and sat behind the steering
      wheel. Hannibal Lecter himself calmly walked around the car and sat
      in the front seat. When they were both safe inside the car, he
      returned the keys to Magneto.
      - Start the car and head for the highway, he instructed.
      - Where do want to go?
      - That will come.
      Erik sighed. He put the ignition key in the ignition lock and
      started the engine. Slowly the dark blue Mazda rolled away from the
      university's parking lot, and out on the highway.
      - I knew you were a reasonable man, doctor Lehnsherr, Hannibal said
      with a sweet smile.