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4771Fic: "Trapped In Darkness" R (25/?) [Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Apr 6, 2003
      Hi all,

      You should know how this goes by now....
      Earlier chapters can be read here:
      http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=391378 or at my webpage.


      Part 25:

      “ You can’t be serious!” Betsy said sharply and gave Alex a look saying she doubted his sanity.

      “ You GOT to be joking!” Warren backed up his girlfriend and the other students nodded as they looked at Alex who stood at the end of the table, trying to brief them in on his plan which they so far wasn’t buying.

      “ Look, I think we should give this a chance,” Lorna said in his defence and Alex gave her a warm look.

      “ Given your relationship with our Fearless Leader here, I doubt that was an objective opinion,” Hank said and was rewarded with a dirty look from Lorna’s green eyes.

      “ I know this is difficult for you……..,” Alex began but was caught off.

      “ Forget it!” Emma spat and was about to stand.

      “ Look folks this wasn’t a suggestion,” Alex said and his voice held a dangerous edge.

      “ I agree with Alex on this. Eric can help us. He’ll never want any harm to come to Charles,” Sean said, his Irish accent thick as he held his wife, Moina’s, hand. They were both very young, only 18 but had still married two weeks ago under Alex’s big protests. They’ll never had even suggested a marriage in such an early age if not it was because there wasn’t any teachers home, another problem Alex had tried to solve as good as he could. No one knew this school was the X-men’s headquarters and they wanted to keep it that way so of course they still had to send exam results to the government, try and keep order in the finances and divide the teaching positions. They had decided that the person who knew the most in one subject taught the others. Hank was teaching physics, Kurt taught German, Sean took English literature (which often turned into Irish literature or tales of the English oppression of Ireland and the fight for a free Northern Ireland), Warren did the finances, Betsy taught self defence and there were a few other curses but he had agreed that they had to dump the rest.

      “ Well, I’m not going to beg for help from an old enemy,” Emma said and was about to leave as Alex’s sharp voice stopped her.

      “ I asked but it was only to fill you in. This is what we do.”

      Words of protest ran through the gathered mutants. “ I know it is hard to accept but Eric cares deeply for Charles and we have to face reality. We have searched for them alone for six months now. All our leads have been dead ends. We need to do something and do it NOW!” To amplify his words, he slammed his fist down on the table.

      “ Where is Charles? Have you found anything?” Eric asked as he came through the door and interrupted their meeting. All mutants jumped up from their chairs and took up fight positions. Lorna moved closer to Alex and touched his arm, making a magnetically shield around them both.

      “ Lorna…thank you, love, but I invited him here,” Alex said and went out from her protective bubble.

      “ WHAT?”

      “ You invited him?”

      “ Are you nuts?”

      Alex ignored all their protects and went to greet Magneto. He gave him his hand which Eric after a few seconds thought took.

      “ I see your brother in your eyes,” the older man said softly and Alex beamed with pride.

      “ Now; this is what we know. The X-men received an emergency call from the city. Some left from the mansion and some were already in town and so didn’t put on uniforms. Here….” Alex pointed to a map of the city hanging on the back wall and Magneto looked more closely as did the others even though they were still on the look out for Magneto.

      “ I see………,” Magneto mumbled and looked more closely at the map. “ Do you have any leads?”

      “ Not really. We know of the battle in town….,” Alex began.

      “ Hell, everyone knows about that,” Betsy said and Alex cast her an annoyed glance.

      “…..but from there on it is speculations. Some claim to have seen them as far away as somewhere in France while others said that they were taken to a boat.”

      “ Boat? From which port?” Magneto asked and his eyes looked alive for the first time that night, maybe for the first time in years.

      “ The southern. Here,” Lorna said and pointed on the map.

      “ Of course! With boat….I never thought that when I looked for Charles after I heard of his disappearance,” Magneto said as if a great puzzle had just been solved.

      “ Care to share from the fountain of wisdom?” Emma asked sarcastically.

      “ There is a small closed island called Genosha. Very little is known of it because it has always been closed but rumours has it that they have mutant slaves,” Magneto almost spat the last word out in contempt.

      “ And you think they’ll be on this island?” Hank asked as he brought up maps of the waters near the American cost and spotted the island.

      “ It seems a logical assumption,” Eric said and Hank nodded.

      “ Indeed it does.”

      “ What kind of defences do they have?” Alex asked worried. An island would be hard to invade.

      “ Can’t we just talk with them?” Kurt asked. He didn’t like the prospect of a big battle. People were bound to get hurt or maybe even killed.

      “ They have had no diplomatic connections with any government for years. I doubt they’ll start now over some mutant issues,” Magneto said darkly.

      “So, we attack!” Alex declared and looked at the blueprints Hank had laid out on the table over the island’s defence systems. There were fences, mines, guns and cannons. The Invasion of Normandy in ‘44 had to have been easier than this.

      “ Where do we go in? And do we go in all at once or in smaller groups?” Betsy asked as she leaned over to watch the plans. Alex looked to Magneto.

      “ All at once. Here,” he said and pointed to a point were there were more guns but lesser mines.

      “ Why there?” Emma asked suspiciously.

      “ More mutants have powers which allows them to blast things from a distance than mutants who can fly,” he answered.

      “We can’t know for certain where they’ll hold our friends but if we move towards the capital city and the main compound placed there we should be able to if not find them there then find some information which can assist us in our search,” Betsy suggested as she looked at the map over the island. She looked to Magneto and Alex who both nodded agreement to this.

      “ If we let the mutants who can fly go in first and take out the cannons overlooking the sea, the others can follow and we fight our way to the city; it’s not that far from the sea. We then move towards here,” Alex said and pointed at the largest compound in the middle of the capital city which were close to their point of entry.

      “ I agree. Who of your people can fly or in some other way jump large distances?” Magneto asked, his eyes locked on the mines on the map.

      “ Betsy can, shadow-walking, Lorna can, magnetism, Sean can, sonic screams, Warren can, wings, Emma can, telekinesis. Kurt can, teleportation,” Alex answered for them and nodded to each student in turn.

      “ Very well. Train them in hand to hand combat and shooting as well as enhancement of their powers. We have no time to waste,” Magneto said and several people entered.

      “ What? You said you’ll be alone,” Alex protested furiously.

      “ I lied. Besides we need all the help we can get,” Eric said and nodded to his people in turn, “ Mystique, Sabretooth, Mastermind, Toad, Sinister and Apocalypse.”

      Alex had seen Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth before but the others were new. Mastermind looked like an older man whose power were obviously in his mind and not his body, Sinister looked youthful but his skin was very pale and his face was dominated by a pair of very red glowing eyes while the last one, Apocalypse, was a strong built man whose age was impossible to place but Alex guessed around thirty.

      Magneto then nodded to two younger mutants standing off to one side, the young man standing protectively in front of a beautiful woman dressed in red. “ My children; Pietro and Wanda, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch,” there was pride in his voice despite the fact that both children normally fought against him.

      “ Well, I guess it is alright then if they’ll obey orders,” Alex gave in; they really did need all the help they could get. Though he really didn’t like the way Sinister was looking at him. Like a scientist a rat. Magneto noticed his discomfort and whispered to him;

      “ Watch out for Sinister and Apocalypse. They play in this game to win but for their own ends only.”

      “ Do you know what they want?” Alex asked. Okay, Sinister’s red eyes were really beginning to annoy him.

      “ Well, Sinister is obsessed with your brother for some reason. He wants to study him…and his bloodline, “ Alex looked shocked and Eric added, “ But mostly your brother.”

      “ Great,” Alex said sarcastically. “And the other one; Apocalypse?” Even the guy’s name bore warning of danger.

      “ That I don’t know but he is powerful. As long as we get what we want let’s worry about them later,” he said briefly and brushed it off.

      “ Very well. Who’ll train the first strike team?” Alex asked.

      “ Mystique and Sabretooth. They’ll be tough and teach yours to be the same but what they learn will probably save their lives,” Magneto said and with a nod of his head, Mystique began leading the small group to the gym with Creed.

      “ Betsy will lead the team,” Alex said and wondered if Eric would protest. Power wise, it was hard to tell who’ll win if the two groups went at it. “ She has the experience and the coldness to do whatever is necessary.”

      “ Even if it means leaving a team-mate behind?” Magneto questioned and Alex frowned.

      “ If needs be; yes but let’s strain to avoid that.”

      “ Of course,” Eric agreed. There was silence for a while.

      “ Shall we set a date? What of Friday the 4th, a month from now?” Alex asked and moved to the table.

      “ I agree.”

      “ Good. Now, let’s see what we have to do when the first team has landed. We also have to think of what to do if the first strike team should fail,” Alex said.

      Magneto seated himself with Alex at the table and battle plans were discussed. Drawings were laid out and more plans were discussed. To avoid disobedience, they agreed to split the group in two units where Magneto controlled his own team and Alex the other but the teams were to work as one. That of course also meant that Magneto and Alex had to agree and back each other up in a combat situation, which was perhaps the hardest. Although Alex trusted Eric it was only to a certain degree. He knew that Eric had three goals for this mission. One was to rescue Charles, the other was to save the mutant slaves and the last was to destroy Genosha. Alex hoped that when the time came; they’ll both be professionally enough to know when they were beaten, when to listen and when to lead.


      Author’s notes: This is my AU movie version of the well known comic villains (Sinister and so forth) so….