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4754FIC: Will the Real Spiderman Please Stand Up? 3/3

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  • autumnleaves@autumnpenguins.com
    Mar 17, 2003
      *** Disclaimer in Part One***

      Previous parts can be found at: www.autumnpenguins.com

      A/N: Sorry for the delay in this piece. RL got annoyingly in the way or
      more important things.

      I now have an update list for my multi-fandom fanfic:


      And I feel like I'm being eaten
      By a thousand million shivering furry holes
      And I know that in the morning I will wake up
      In the shivering cold

      And the spiderman is always hungry...

      “Raymond?” Marie repeated disbelievingly.

      “Clever girl.” the creature hissed.

      “What the hell happened to you, ya weren’t that ugly when I saw you last.”
      Logan stated coolly.

      He was rewarded with a dose of venom that shot forth from the Spider man’s
      large fangs. A sizzling noise brought Marie’s head around and she watched
      in horror as a patch of Logan’s cheek began to burn away as if it had been
      touched with acid.

      Logan groaned in pain as his flesh disappeared. Finally the stinging
      subsided and the familiar feel of his mutation at work took its place. His
      grimace of pain was replaced by a shit-eating grin as he watched the look of
      delight drop from Raymond’s face as he witnessed Logan’s once again flawless

      “If I can’t cause you damage, at least I can cause pain” the angry partial
      arachnid hissed. With a demonic glint in his eyes he leaned forward and
      unleashed a larger dose of venom that splashed across Logan’s entire face.



      The scream ripped from Logan’s throat was loud enough to be heard by the
      threesome at the head on the cave.

      “Looks like we found the right place.” Scott said quietly, concern etched on
      his face.

      The three team members quickly secured a rope at the mouth of the cave. If
      something happened to any of them at least they would have a way out. Jean
      descended first closely followed by Jean and Storm. The scream they’d
      hurried had all of them worried. Logan wasn’t one to express that he was in
      pain unless it was pretty acute.

      The silence that followed had the trio even more worried. Wasn’t it better
      to be screaming than silent after all? Then again, it was Logan. He couldn
      ’t be killed easily under ordinary circumstances. They hadn’t seen or heard
      a trace from Rogue though either, and she herself was a tough opponent. Her
      physical strength alone generally ensured her protection. Determined to
      reach them, the pace quickened. When they came to a fork in the tunnel
      Ororo paused thoughtfully. “It appears that a rather heavy object was
      dragged from here.” She said pointing to imprinted lines on the cavern

      Jean and Scott followed the weather witch and soon found themselves in a
      long winding tunnel. Scott realized with concern that a quick escape would
      be relatively impossible should they need an immediate out. He kept his
      thoughts to himself when a maniacal laugh cut through the air.

      “At least we know we’re getting close.” Jean said bemusedly.


      “Raymond stop it already!” She shouted.

      She watched in disgust as her ex continued to douse Logan with
      venom, wait for him to heal and start the process all over. A sickening
      sensation was in the pit of her stomach from Logan’s suffering and her blood
      was boiling at Raymond’s perverse behavior.

      “What exactly is the point of that? You know Logan can heal.”

      “Yes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel pain” Raymond
      cackled madly.

      Marie struggled to free herself again, but there was virtually
      no difference. The bonds held her tight. She thought desperately of
      another way to get them out of here. Her eyes scanned the room, looking for
      anything that might aid in her cause. There was a pile of what appeared to
      be a torn up mattress in the farthest corner of the cave. Candles were
      strewn about all over the place as well as pieces of paper. Glass beakers
      littered the floor, some with a little liquid inside them but most were
      empty. She wondered how long he’d lived down here before refocusing her
      mind on the task.

      The wall she and Logan were pinned too was smooth and cold.
      After careful exploration she was disappointed to find that there weren’t
      any jagged edges to attempt to break the bonds on. Rogue realized that the
      screaming had finally stopped and snapped her read around to look at Logan
      to see if he was all right. The ugly mug of Raymond met her instead. He
      stood less than a foot away, his eyes devouring her.

      “I’ve missed you.” He said softly.

      Logan growled. “Once you’re gone, she’ll be with me again.
      Your body can’t hold out against my venom forever.” The Spiderman rasped not
      taking his eyes off of Rogue.

      “We’ll be happy down here. I’ll make you like me, and you’ll
      never want to leave me again Rogue.”

      “It’s over Raymond, it has been for a long time. Let it go.”
      Marie said carefully.

      “It is for him.” Raymond grinned maliciously with his contorted

      He scuttled off towards in the direction of the
      darkest corner of the cave and appeared to be searching for something.

      Marie turned towards Logan, panic in her voice. “Logan, can you
      hear me?”

      He did indeed appear to be dead. Ugly red welts had swollen
      nearly all of his face, and blood trickled slowly to the ground from some
      unseen wound. She could see he was breathing, but it was shallow judging by
      the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Clicking noises drew her attention
      from Logan and she saw the Spiderman advancing once again from the darkness,
      a flask gripped in his hands. He stopped again in front of Marie.

      “We’ll be together again. You and me, and this cave. Nobody
      will interfere again,” with this he shot an ugly look at Logan’s prone form.
      “It’ll be like old times. When you’re like me, you won’t want to leave.”
      His eyes glowed with excitement.

      He studied her carefully. “I think he should watch this. It’s
      his fault you know, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be like this. So he
      can watch your transformation.”

      He advanced on her with the flask. Marie abandoned all logical
      sense and fought again at bonds she knew she couldn’t escape. From the
      corner of her eye she could see Logan regain a sense of what was happening
      and he too feebly tried to escape the white strands. It was good for
      nothing. She was trapped, she was going to become disfigured and Raymond
      was right. When she looked like that, she would never again want to see the
      light of day.

      Grinning widely Raymond was at her side. He raised the flask
      and was about to unscrew the cap when it suddenly flew out of his hands and
      smashed harmlessly against the opposite wall.

      “NO!” He screeched.

      Turning towards the source of this interruption, the Spiderman
      charged at the red haired woman. She easily stopped froze him in midair.
      Scott stepped from behind her. “Close your eyes Rogue.” He said before
      focusing his visor.

      A flash of red later and she was free. Marie jumped from the
      wall and moved towards Logan. His wounds had finally healed, but the welts
      were still there. Scott quickly freed Logan too, as Raymond cursed, spit
      and screamed at them all.

      “Careful Jean, he’s poisonous.” Logan warned.

      Logan unsheathed his claws and walked determinedly toward his
      target. “You loose.” He grinned at the Spiderman before plunging both sets
      of claws into the torso. When Storm saw the condition of Logan she threw in
      a few complimentary lightning bolts to finish off the job.

      Jean released her hold and the ugly creature fell to the floor
      writhing in pain. The five X-Men turned towards the cave, relieved to be
      going home.


      “That’s the real deal. Not that candyass in red and blue tights.” Logan
      finished to his rapt audience.

      “Alright, well now that Logan’s had his fun. It’s time to hop into bed.”
      Marie said, stroking Logan’s arm lovingly.

      None of the kids moved. “Oh, and I forgot to mention that he also comes
      after kids who don’t listen.” Logan said casually.

      The words had barely left his mouth when there was a scramble towards the
      little cluster of tents.

      “Logan, that was mean!” Marie admonished, laughing in spite of herself.

      “I know. But we had to get them to bed, before we could get to bed.” He
      said, saying the last part suggestively.

      A laughing, Marie pulled Logan off in the direction of their tent. It was
      set a little ways away from the kid’s tents, and with good reason. Settled
      comfortably in their two person sleeping bag, Logan pulled a small scrap of
      fabric from where he’d concealed it in the tent pocket earlier and began
      placing soft kisses on the back of Marie’s neck. He crept around to the
      front, and was rewarded when she turned around and arranged the fabric to
      fit between their lips.

      A few long kisses later, the pair found themselves settling in for a night
      of intimacy when a small scratching sound at the door interrupted them.
      “Miss Marie,” the scared voice of Jeff came through the tent slightly
      muffled “can I come in there?”

      Marie shot an exasperated look at Logan. “I knew that would happen,” she

      To her chagrin behind Jeff was a line of all of the rest of the kids. All
      looking equally scared that the Spiderman would pop out of the nearby
      thicket of trees at any moment. Logan and Marie got out of the tent while
      all of the kids piled into their own. They hauled three of the pup tents
      over near their own and divided the kids up into new sleeping arrangements.

      Five kids piled into the adult tent with Marie while the other five piled
      pack into the pup tents with their heads facing the openings so they could
      clearly see Logan who had arranged the other two tents to face his. He
      grumbled about having to sleep in a Little Mermaid sleeping bag, but there
      were no others available. Genevieve had jumped at the chance to donate her
      sleeping bag and hopped into the adult bag with Marie.

      Eventually everyone calmed down enough to go to sleep and though there were
      many nightmares, no evil forces disturbed the little camp. Unbeknownst to
      them however were four glittering eyes focused on the camp 200 yards away.
      The figure rubbed two sets of scars protectively before hissing in the
      direction of the tents. He gave a final malevolent look before creeping off
      into the forest.

      ****** End


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