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4735CBFFA Nominations: Five Day Warning

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  • mike_p_smith2002 <mike_p_smith2002@yahoo
    Feb 27, 2003
      Just to remind everyone, the 2003 Comic Book Fan Fiction Awards is
      currently accepting nominations. If you haven't already submitted a
      ballot, and you want to see your favorite fanfic and authors in the
      final heat for the awards, head on over to the hosting site at


      And throw in your own two cents about who deserves recognition for
      their work in 2002.

      Remember, the ballot will CLOSE at Midnight on March 4, 2003. That's
      this coming Tuesday, so if you plan on nominating, you need to do it

      After March 4, we'll be announcing information on the final voting
      process once it becomes available, so stay tuned...

      --Mike Smith