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4717CBFFA 2003 Nominations are now Open!

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  • mike_p_smith2002 <mike_p_smith2002@yahoo
    Feb 9, 2003
      I just wanted to let you all know that the 2003 CBFFA's are now open
      for nominations. If you want to participate, check out the ballot and
      fill it out with your favorite fanfics and writers from 2002. Wanna
      campaign to get your own story nominated? Head on over to the Plug
      Board and list your own eligible comic book fic from 2002 for other
      people to check out.

      The URL for the ballot:


      And the URL for the Plug Board:


      And for questions or commentary about the CBFFA's, check out the
      Discussion Board at


      If you need anything beyond that, feel free to e-mail me at
      mike_p_smith@.... Thanks for your time.

      --Mike Smith