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4654Re: Looking For Fic

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  • KelClancy <kelclancy@pineclifflake.net>
    Jan 1, 2003
      --- In xmenmoviefanfic@yahoogroups.com, "indigocat28645
      <Indigocat@H...>" <Indigocat@H...> wrote:
      > Looking for fic about a groups of OCs that is set during the
      > One of the stories has the OCs tracking Rogue until they can get a
      > fix on her location and call in the X-Men. In another, the group
      > to protect the school and the Professor while the X-Men are
      > Rogue. I think one of them might be Caliban.
      > Sound familar?
      > Indy

      Got it! The Finders Inc. Set by Somer Rhane. Archived at

      Searching - How did they knew where to find Rogue, Logan, &

      Homecoming - What the "kids" did to help the X-Men rescue Rogue.

      Looking For Roberto Da Costa - Finders Inc. hit Brazil to recruit the
      future Sunspot.

      What's In A Name? - What should they call themselves? It gets

      Pick A Card, Any Card - The kids play for high stakes: doing each
      others' chores!

      Family Ties - The Brotherhood have kidnapped a young girl -- named

      Remembrance - Mystique thinks back on her bond to her sister Robin.

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