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4649Poetry: Alone

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  • Redd <raggedyredd@yahoo.com>
    Nov 16 1:32 PM
      Notes: this is from Rogues POV, and really just an exercise in
      boredome. Enjoy.
      TITLE: Alone
      AUTHOR: Redd
      RATING: PG.. Maybe.. for the word Breast
      ARCHIVE: Lists, All others Ask and ye shall receive.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own Rogue, but these words are mine.
      FEEDBACK: Please.

      I am alone here in this place.
      Yet people surround me.
      I am in a bubble of cautious space,
      The sense of touch taken from me.

      Will I never hold a lover in these arms?
      Or an infant to this breast?
      Although this package has its charms
      There is no one unafraid of the test.

      So ever the outsider looking in,
      I watch these couples touch.
      I think that wishing should be a sin,
      When it begins to hurt this much.

      I can only accept quietly,
      What I long to rage against,
      And every day it weighs mightily,
      This power that makes no sense.

      side note: the above poem is Copyright 2002 C. Kennedy please don't
      use without author's permission.