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4622X-Men RPG: Transmundane

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  • Blueprint
    Nov 30, 2002
      I'm on the search for some open minded and clever
      writers to come join my RPG, I know you're out there!

      RPG Description:

      Transmundane, adj. Beyond this world.

      What happens when the entire residents of the
      X-Mansion wake up in a huge ship travelling through
      outer space? The ship appears to be made for them at a
      long-term basis, with features similar to the
      schoolÂ…kitchens, library, bedrooms, training areas,
      schoolrooms etc. After some time they might be able to
      figure out some controls, but the destination is set.
      How will they fare with the situation and each other?
      Come and play to find outÂ…

      Original characters allowed, but so far have to be the
      students. Slash allowed and encouraged. All members
      must be 18+.

      Interested? Go to the site and join, then follow the
      instructions sent to you. Oh, and I hope you all have
      whacky senses of humour like myself...well if not I'll
      whack one into you so ha, come along. Lol.



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