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  • Linda J
    Nov 15, 2002
      **Hi All! I saw this posted and thought I'd post it
      here too. Someone
      has been joining communities with the nickname YAHOO
      MONITOR, and then posting the following:

      Yahoo Community Monitor says:

      Yahoo Group Managers have been receiving a few
      complaints about your
      group. I am required to join your site and monitor it
      for about one
      month. I will not do anything to damage or ruin your
      site, I am only
      required to monitor it. The only thing required of you
      is to accept
      my application and make me a Manager of your group for
      the time I am
      there. If you cannot meet these requirements, Yahoo
      will have to shut
      your group down.**
      __________________________ X

      DO NOT!!, I repeat DO NOT make this person a manager!
      SHE/HE is a
      fake, and has been deleting groups once made a
      manager. BAN the
      member immediately. Please let other groups know about
      this problem.
      And be on the look out for this person... also
      remember to report
      them immediately to yahoo if this person does join
      your group!!