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4601Post Halloween Challenge

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  • Autumn
    Nov 3, 2002
      Here goes another challenge.......

      Incorporate at least 6 of the following elements into a fic.

      1. The line "Some people call me the space cowboy!"

      2. A sub-plot about someone being sick from all the Haloween candy

      3. Have someone convinced that the candy companies are in a
      conspiraty of some degree to turn children into cats, using a secret

      4. One of the little kids refuses to take their costume off.

      5. The song "It's my Life" is mentioned in some capacity. (By Bon
      Jovi FYI)

      6. Mention a penguin.....

      7. Sing Kumbya.....

      8. Somebody dressed up like Jean.

      9. Use the phrase 'psycho hose beast;

      10. Eache sentence must comprise of 12 words exactly .

      11. Use some sort of 'urban legend' as a theme

      12. Oatmeal is involved in some way.

      Have fun......