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4596OT: Discussion about Comic Book Fanfic Awards

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  • Alara Rogers
    Oct 29, 2002
      As some of you know, the comic book fanfiction community centered
      around the mailing list OTL (outsidethelines@...) has a yearly
      contest for fanfic awards. Last year, the X-Men Movieverse was made
      eligible. Because it got squeezed in at the last second, there was a
      lot of controversy from Movieverse fans, as well as fans of things
      that are not X-Men in the first place, as to how it was being done.

      I urge any and all who would like to see Movieverse included as a
      real part of the CBFFAs, and not an afterthought, to come to the
      discussion at http://www.b2g4.com/boards/board.cgi?&user=cbffa and
      make your voice heard.

      Anyone who is also on a Smallville list, X-Men Evolution list, or any
      other tv/movie adaptation of characters that first appeared in
      comics, please pass the information on. I personally would very much
      like to see the CBFFAs be inclusive of many communities of fans who
      like something that started in comic books.