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4583FIC: Conversations 1/1

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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Oct 18, 2002
      AUTHOR: Kelsey
      RATING: G
      SUMMARY: Scott and Rogue talk
      FEEDBACK: Is welcomed with great joy.
      NOTES: This takes place about five years in the future. Rogue is an adult
      and Jean has died. They aren�t major plot points, but that�s how I
      visualized the story. So there.
      Also, this is based on the song �Color-blind� by Counting Crows. You don�t
      need to know the song, but if you want the lyrics e-mail me.

      Scott sat alone eating breakfast at the table. Somehow, with Jean
      gone, he was more aware of his color-blindness than ever. Coffee the color
      of garnets, egg-whites the color of infant rose-buds. The colors would be
      lovely if he hadn�t seen them every day for more than ten years.
      �Rose-colored glasses my ass!� He exclaimed indignantly to his eggs. He was
      surprised to hear a gentle chuckle at his back.
      �Mornin� Scott.�
      �Rogue! I didn�t hear you come in. How long have you been here?�
      �A few minutes. Ah didn�t want to interrupt you. You looked deep in
      �I was.�
      �Thinkin� about Jean?� Rogue sat down with a mug of coffee and a gentle.
      Concerned expression.
      �No, not really. More about being color-blind,� Scott told her.
      �Ah suppose that explains the �rose-colored glasses� crack?� Scott nodded
      his confirmation. �You aren�t the only one ya know. Ah am covered in skin,
      and ah�m always AWARE of it. No one gets to come in, to get past it. Does
      anyone else always feel their skin?�
      �It, it never occurred to me that we both�. Show.�
      Rogue cocked her head in puzzlement. �Show?�
      �Our mutations,� Scott elaborated, �we can�t hide them and pretend we�re
      �No. But you get to view colors artists only dream about, and I� Rogue
      lifted an arm encased to the elbow in a satin glove, �I get to make fashion
      statements every day that some designers PRAY for.�
      Scott laughed. �Well that�s something anyway. Maybe you should be the one
      wearing these rose-colored glasses.�
      �Ah think they�re in exactly the right place. Ah�m not the one who needs
      rose-colored glasses,� Rogue observed.
      �And I do?� Scott paused, �Well I suppose I do. Jean always was before. My
      rose-colored glasses. She destracted me from myself.�
      �Enough with these red metaphors.� Rogue leaned in towards Scott. �Ah�m
      your friend, and ah�m always happy to help you. But Scott, it�s time to
      learn how to find the bright-side for yourself.�
      �I know,� and Scott smiled down at his rose-bud colored eggs.

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