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4576OT: AdultFanFiction.Net is Up and Running

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  • Ayla
    Oct 14, 2002
      AdultFanFiction.Net is Open for Auto-Archival!


      Ad Free! No Pop-Ups! Free!

      All stories archived here must be rated USA R-NC-17, and ALL FANDOMS,
      pairings, lifestyles, and fetishes are welcome here. This does
      include multi-chapter stories which are NC-17 *overall* but may
      contain chapters that are rated lower. There is another site for
      those, *grin* Currently "15" = "R"

      You will need to register in order to publish your story. AFF.Net
      accepts .htm, .html, and .txt files. After you register, go to the
      User Panel.

      If you do not see the show or movie you are writing for, please
      upload your story to the "Misc" category. New categories will be
      added as needed.

      This is a new venture. Please bear with us and remember that this is
      still a small, personal website with no paid employees. You will be
      seeing all sorts of weird cosmetic changes.

      Please remember to leave feedback for the Authors!

      Please pass this message on to other Fandoms and authors of Adult Fan

      Ayla (current contact email kleysa@...)