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4513Fic/Poetry: Forget

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  • raggedyredd
    Sep 2, 2002
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      DISCLAIMER: If wishes were horses we all would ride. Don't own
      TITLE: Forget
      SUMMERY: Ummmm.. Its poetry.. just read it.
      RATING: ??Pg.. Maybe. I don't know
      FEEDBACK: Appreciated, and applauded.. I like contructive critisism.
      So feel free.
      ARCHIVE: If you want it ask.
      AUTHOR NOTE: Although I read alot of L/R.. for some reason I have a
      soft spot for S/R, although you don't see to many of those. Enjoy,
      and thanks for reading.

      What your teenage years must have been like for you.
      Always keeping your head low, eyes shut tight.
      Pretending blindness, so you wouldn't hurt others,
      The fear of discovery haunting you every hour of every day,
      Now you may walk upright, but still you must hide.
      Sometimes the visor is just as stifling as eyes clenched shut.
      Its better this way, than before, but
      Still it hurts to hide, it hurts that nobody understands.
      They forget that the only color you can see is red,
      And they forget that sometimes it makes you angry.
      Just once, you wish, as I do, that You could forget.

      I must hide behind layers of clothes, no matter the heat.
      My skin is just as deadly as what your eyes hold.
      I pretend too, that it doesn't bother me.
      I have known the fear of discovery haunting me.
      I have tasted fear's metallic taste as others close in.
      I walk upright now, but well away from others.
      It's better this way, I tell myself.
      Still, it hurts to hide and it hurts that no one understands.
      They forget that I can never feel flesh on flesh,
      And they forget that sometimes I have the need like them.
      Just once, I wish, as you do, that I could forget.

      So let us take a moment, and forget together.
      You are the only one who can understand my pain.
      I am the only one who can understand yours.
      Let us take comfort in forgetting, for a little while,
      That we are mutant, among mutants.
      Join me now, just this once, and we'll forget together.