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4508Hello X-men Fans! Newbie here! I'm beta, too!

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  • jemmz99
    Aug 31, 2002
      Hello Everyone!

      My name is Cyber Keiko-sama. I'm so happy I'm in this list! I love
      reading and writing fan fics (L/M Romance, especially. However, I am
      yet to type that FF I'm developing). More reading than writing,
      though. I recently saw the X-men movie again and got hooked
      (hopelessly, you should see how my friends look at me sometimes). And
      I can't seem to stop looking for fanfiction and pics. I absolutely
      adore the Logan/Marie pairing, and favore it above all the other
      couples. They just seem so perfect for each other, don't you think?

      OK. More about me... Well, my other obsession is Labyrinth, which I
      finally posted a fic for. The Jareth/Sarah pairing rules! If you want
      to read it, go to Fanfiction.net and search for the story "Guardians
      of Freedom". It might give you an idea of my writing skills.

      I am available as Beta Reader, for all you fanfiction writers who
      would like to have one. I am good at proofreading and I don't mind at
      all anyone asking me for my services. I would really like it. It also
      helps me meet new people. And that is always a good thing. I look
      forward to meeting all you people soon!

      Cyber Keiko-sama