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4438META: KLEZ virus running rampant again.... CHECK YOUR COMPUTERS

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  • Minisinoo
    Aug 1, 2002
      Folks, the KLEZ virus is running wild again. I've had 5 letters
      today so far. Please check your computers again for the KLEZ. I
      suspect the person(s) with the infected computer(s) are on one of
      these lists.

      Remember ... the nasty thing about KLEZ is that it MIMICS email
      addresses, so the person who appears to have sent you the email isn't
      the one who sent it. To find the real originating address, you must
      look at the LONG (full) header. But this means it's harder to catch
      because the person with the infected computer may not KNOW his/her
      computer is infected. CHECK YOURS. And don't accept or open
      attachments sent to you unless you're expecting them. BEWARE of mail
      readers like Outlook, which "helpfully" open such email
      automatically, and will infect your computer before you even realize


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