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4407fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 8/?

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  • sputiehead@aol.com
    Jul 13, 2002
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      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 8/? By Kelsey (shadowcatfan@...)

      Bella and Fluffy glanced at each other briefly before breaking into a run.

      "Kitty! You scared the kitties away!" Rogue scolded. "Oh, come 'ere loves,
      here kitty, kitty," Rogue coaxed.

      "Uh Rogue? I don't suppose YOU want to watch the cats," Logan suggested

      "Ah can't," Rogue sighed. "Jean made us promise ta stay away from them."
      Logan looked depressed.

      "Uh, Mr. uh, Wolverine, uh Logan, uh sir?" Bobby stammered, "shouldn't you go
      find the cats?"

      Logan growled at Bobby before slinking off after the cats.

      Meanwhile, Bella and Fluffy decided they should get as far away from people
      as possible. So, without thinking they darted out an open door and into the

      "Ah, this es lovely," Bella purred, jumping into a flower bed. "Eet reminds
      me of Paris in ze spring."

      "We 'ave never been to Paris in ze spring," Fluffy observed.

      "Pfft! Details!" Bella pronounced with a swish of her tail. "Ze sun is warm,
      ze flowers are pretty, ze people are gone. Eet can be Paris if I want."

      "Oui, if you insist. Eet will be Paris. Eet we will be elegant chats on Le
      Champs d'Elysee."

      "Non, ze Jardin de Luxembourg. Ze're are no flowers on ze Champs d'Elysee,"
      Bella informed Fluffy.

      "My mistake."