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4401Fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 1/?

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  • sputiehead@aol.com
    Jul 11, 2002
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      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Authors: Kelsey and Natalia
      Part: 1/? by Natalia (sputiehead@...)
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: Scott and Jean get two kittens as a wedding gift... only they can't
      take them with them on their honeymoon and Jean has a slight allergy to cats.
      So, who's subjected to taking care of the twin (did I mention French)
      terrors? Yup. Logan.
      Archive: If you have permission to archive Kelsey's work, or if you have
      permission to archive Natalia's work, then go ahead. Otherwise, ask. We'll
      say yes. Just like to know where it's off to. :)
      Feedback: While Bella and Fluffy wouldn't mind too terribly if you happened
      to send feedback in the form of fresh tuna...
      Kelsey(shadowcatfan@...) and Natalia (sputiehead@...) would
      appreciate feedback of the written kind very, very much. :)

      "Logan, I've got an itsy-bitsy favor to ask of you." Jean peaked into his
      bedroom. Logan grumbled and turned over on his stomach. It was too early to
      be awake... especially after he spent most of the previous day and night
      getting dead drunk.

      It had been Scooter and Jeannie's wedding day. Now, they were going to go off
      to some tropic island to spend months making wild monkey love... well, as
      wild as he imagined someone as stiff as Scott could manage.

      He couldn't begin to imagine what it was she wanted from him. Why she would
      even be in his room when she should be packing was beyond him, really.

      "Anything, Jeannie." He sat up, making sure his sheets covered his nude form.
      He didn't mind Jean seeing him that way, but, the mansion was a bustling
      place. Any number of innocent students could burst into the room at any

      "Well, see, one of our wedding presents... it was more for Scott. I'm
      actually allergic..."


      "Cats. Kittens really. Two of them. Scott's grandparents gave them to him as
      wedding gifts. Anyway, I wanted to see if you could look after them while
      we're gone."

      Logan stared at her dumbly. She wanted him to watch cats? There was no way.
      He couldn't stand animals. Especially little ones... that belonged to Scott.
      No way in Hell.

      "Please?" It was like she could sense his conflict. Probably sneaking around
      where she shouldn't with those powers of hers.

      "Yeah. Fine." What trouble could two kittens possibly be?

      Smiling, Jean brought in the two little fur balls.