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4400Fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 3/?

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  • sputiehead@aol.com
    Jul 11, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 3/? By Natalia

      "Hmmm. " Bella sank her itty-bitty fangs into Logan's little toe. A trickle
      of blood seeped from the wounds. A rumbling noise came from his chest, but
      nothing else. "He es a heavy sleeper."

      "Can't be zat heavy of a sleeper." Fluffy grimaced at his hair. "Do you think
      maybe he es an animal?" She hopped onto his back, digging her claws into his

      A growl escaped Logan. He sat up, causing Fluffy to go flying. "What the hell
      is going on?" He eyed the small grey and black stripped kitten perched on the
      edge of his bed... pink bow as large as the kittens head around it's neck.
      Leave it to Scooter to give the cat a huge pink bow . He glanced around for
      the other one.

      "I most definitely think he es something not 'uman. Not like ze homme zat let
      us sleep on his tummy last night. He was very, very nice." Bella peered down
      at the ground. Fluffy was clawing her way up his sheets.

      She hoped up after a bit more struggle, hissing at Logan. Her white fuzzy fur
      sticking up in the air.

      Logan laughed outright at the sight of this cat hissing at him. Was he, The
      Wolverine, supposed to be intimidated? Not likely.

      Of course, he hadn't expected it to coming flying towards him, claws first...