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  • mutantnation
    Jun 11 4:26 AM
      First, I am sorry if you see this mail as a spam, if you do, please
      delete it.
      I am sending this to your egroup, because I feel that this email can
      start something great and fun for everyone.

      Myself and a few friends has been roleplaying TT for about 8 years.

      We have created a yahoogroup called Mutant Nation. It's a mailbased
      RPG chroncle, that takes place in the Marvel Universe(not original
      you might think, there's over a hundred mail-based RPGs out there,
      why would you chose to join this one?)

      Ours is better, because of the storyteller system we use, it will
      never get boring or slow. If you do not believe me, check it out:

      It's up and running, we have already 37 members and the number is
      growing fast.
      If you have any questions, email me at mutantnation@...


      -Head ST.