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4315Dark Legend postings are up - here's where to look

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  • Tarchannon
    Jun 5, 2002
      The first part of my contribution to the Dark Legend challenge series was posted last night along with a stunning piece that follows by X-tricks. I posted to all the groups that I posted the initial challenge, but that was for intro material to help the participants from each of the groups. I think we should post our parts to x-fiction and to whatever other groups are appropriate for the individual story. Those interested can see all the parts on x-fiction for now - I'm working on getting a website put together, but it will be at least a month unless someone has space on a slash friendly server.

      So, those who have a taste for a bit of dark slash which features Scott, Logan (so far), and Remy (soon), have a look. Or better yet, pick one of the challenges and join in on the fun!



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