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4280Sorrow After Sins :3: Do You Laugh When I fall?

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  • Chrissy Synth
    May 18, 2002
      Title: Do You Laugh When I Fall?

      Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part 3.

      Author: Whipblade

      E-mail : whipblade@...

      Disclaimers: Splash

      Summary : Kitty is rescued! And the X-Men botch up yet
      another mission.

      Sorrow After Sins:
      Part 3
      Do you laugh when I fall?

      Sabretooth stood against a wall. All around him,
      fires, shouting, and the ratatat of gunfire filled
      his ears. He didn�t move, he didn't know if he could.
      He no longer knew if what he saw was real
      or not. The pain crept into him, but it wasn't enough
      to bring him into the glow of his rages, it was
      more than enough to make him question everything.

      He saw, or at least thought he saw, the black jet the
      X-Men use all the time, minutes ago. That jet
      was just the thing he had needed. The 7 guards that
      once surrounded him had been distracted,
      leaving Kitty alone. Off they went to fight the
      intruders. Kitty's strength was depleted as he ran
      away from them, unnoticed by any guards. Against the
      wall is where he rested with hardly enough
      strength to make it to the next building that lay only
      20 feet away. He had to force himself to
      ignore the intense pain for a chance at escaping this
      hell hole. It was the only thing his instincts
      demanded, and that�s all Kitty was running on, raw
      survival instincts.


      Wolverine rounded the first of two warehouses near the
      Genoshian slave-camp�s loading docks.
      His keen sense of smell had picked up a very familiar
      scent. Expecting to find a murderous hell-
      bent psychopath any second, he popped his claws.
      SNIKT! Six adamantium claws that stemmed
      twelve inches from between each knuckle, three on each
      hand, they were Wolverine's
      most feared assets, and he liked it that way.

      Wolverine stalked around a new corner heading to the
      wide lane between the two warehouses, his
      alert senses told him trouble loomed ahead. Wolverine
      was prepared for that, he liked trouble, but
      he wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted him. At
      the other end of the building, leaning heavily
      against the tin siding, stood none other than Victor
      Creed, more commonly known as Sabretooth.

      Wolverine growled as he slowly, cautiously, crept
      towards his long time foe, who looked like he
      had just climbed out of a trash bin. As Wolverine got
      closer he got a better look at Sabretooth and
      noticed that he was in very bad shape. To Wolverine,
      the thought of someone stuffing Sabretooth
      into a blender, turned the thing on high, then poured
      him out came to mind. Suppressing a chuckle
      at the mental image Wolverine stopped a few feet from
      the dazed man. It'd been well near two full
      years since anyone had seen tooth or claw of Creed.
      Wolverine wasn't too keen on finding his
      enemy here, in some sort of mutant slave camp, he
      wasn't really glad to see Creed period.
      Wolverine would rather of found Sabretooth decapitated
      and decomposing.

      Looking into the large distant black eyes of
      Sabretooth, Wolverine couldn't help but shudder.
      Something was wrong, the blood that covered Sabretooth
      distracted Wolverine's nose. But, the
      way Sabretooth looked, from blood covered feet to
      vacant eyes, Wolverine knew something was
      more than just a little wrong. Waving a clawed hand in
      front of the taller beast�s face, the black
      eyes didn't follow the shiny silver, nor did
      Sabretooth flinch as Wolverine lightly touched the
      man�s shoulder. If Creed saw anything or felt anything
      he never acknowledged it. It was unnatural
      for Sabretooth to be so distraught. Wolverine
      retracted his claws with a SNIKT!

      Wolverine took in the pitiful condition of his foe
      standing in the shadow of the warehouse. Burnt,
      bloody, and hopefully that was mud caked hair. Face
      was cut and swelled, his beard also matted
      and dirty, shredded clothing full of blood hung
      loosely from Sabretooth's smaller frame. Sniffing,
      Wolverine concluded that most of the blood was
      Sabretooth's, as well as the man hadn't showered
      in months. 'Phew Creed, what did you get into?'
      Wolverine thought. The undertone of fresh blood
      caught Wolverine's attention. Creed was still
      bleeding; it ran down his body, mostly soaking his
      legs deep crimson. Sabretooth wasn't healing what so

      "Creed?" Wolverine croaked hoarsely as he stared at
      the man, who looked so fragile, so lost, so
      contrast to everything Sabretooth was or rather is.
      Wolverine knew that Genosha had been in
      political turmoil for the last few years, it increased
      after some dispute over an Iraqi plane crash.
      He didn't know how much Sabretooth was apart of the
      dispute if even at all, but Wolverine was
      positive that whatever trouble the big feral man had
      got into with Genosha, it was now over.

      The itch behind each knuckle from the claws hidden
      beneath the skin burned to be popped, to
      slice up his long time enemy but Wolverine held back.
      Before the X-Men, he wouldn't have given
      it a second thought, but now after years with the
      X-Men and years of being fed Charles morals
      that have crept into his head, it wasn't Wolverine's
      style anymore. It took a few minutes but
      finally Sabretooth turned his head to stare blankly at

      Wolverine watched as Sabretooth slowly and tentatively
      put one foot in front of the other, taking
      one small step at a time. Testing each foothold,
      Sabretooth walked with a profound limp to
      Wolverine. Wolverine watched as big vacant eyes stared
      off while sniffling. Wolverine doubted
      Creed could even smell as blood slowly oozed over his
      lips. A red light flashed under Sabretooth's
      chin. 'Inhibitor collar. No wonder he ain�t healin'.'
      Logan thought to himself as Sabretooth limped
      past him, then stopped. Turning Sabretooth stood and
      reached out for Wolverine. Sabretooth's
      blood-soaked hands ran themselves down the yellow
      spandex uniform of the X-Men. So careful
      did the callused hands touch Wolverine's shoulders, as
      if it were valuable china.

      "Real?" The hoarse dry voice of Creeds asked.

      "I better as hell be real." Wolverine snapped back,
      flipping the hands off of his uniform. Wolverine
      smirked, the look on Creed�s face was priceless.

      Sabretooth swayed slightly then grabbed onto
      Wolverine's uniform once more.

      Wolverine grabbed Sabretooth's shoulders as the big
      man sank to his knees, his hands hugging the
      X-Man�s waist, then his head lulled heavily against
      the yellow spandex clad leg. Wolverine tilted
      his head contemplating if this was Creed's way of
      asking for death, but then Wolverine then
      noticed the slow soft breathing; Sabretooth had
      slipped into unconsciousness.

      Rogue's scream echoing off the aluminum siding of the
      storage buildings brought Wolverine back
      to the task at hand.


      Storm with her arms raised above her head shouted,
      "Winds I summon thee! Take this filth out to
      sea!" Strong hurricane winds dove down from the skies
      and swept guards of the Genoshian
      government out into the crashing waves of the sea,
      that the base was on the shore of.

      About 50 Genoshian workers, or in more appropriate
      terms, 50 Mutant slaves retaliated on the
      guards and praised the X-Men. A few of the mutants
      fled however. Wolverine was assigned to
      herd them up for liberation.

      Cyclops fired his red eye beams at a sentinel
      determined to snuff out all mutant life forms. The big
      robot�s head shot off and crashed far away into a
      Genoshian government building. The body fell
      crashing down on top of an empty medical building
      within the compound. Explosions rocked as
      various chemicals rose to the sky in billows of thick
      black clouds. A yellow canister with the
      picture of a clown face plastered on it, shot up into
      the sky and crashed just meters from the
      Blackbird. The yellow canister leaked its contents
      into the air, invisible to the naked eye, but
      powerful to any dry humored person.

      Jean screamed as she fought a guard meters from
      Cyclops. The guard she was fighting had placed
      an inhibitor collar around her neck. She turned around
      and gave him a good heel in crotch. From
      behind her, a red beam of light slammed into the
      guard�s chest. The man went sailing across the
      beach and landed with a triumphant splash in the

      "Wolverine!" Rogue's voice shouted across the
      destroyed compound.

      From the shadows of the warehouse emerged Wolverine,
      over his shoulders being carried like a
      lamb was a very banged up Sabretooth.

      "Whaddaya want darlin'?" He grunted hoisting the prone
      body of Sabretooth up some.

      Storm flew down from her sky bound position. "Is he
      alive, Wolverine?" She asked as her feet
      touched the hard earth.

      " 'Fore he passed out, yup." Wolverine grunted as he
      walked to the Blackbird. The yellow
      spandex clad X-Men carefully placed Sabretooth down in
      a corner. Blood covered Wolverine's
      shoulders, back of his neck, and hands.

      The rest of the X-Men piled on into the jet as the
      Genoshian slaves had been freed and fled the
      island already.

      "You planning on doing something with him?" Jean
      questioned Logan.

      SNIKT! SNIKT! Wolverine popped his claws.

      "Yeah getting some answers." He growled. Three
      adamantium claws stuck against the Genoshian
      inhibitor collar. The sound of metal against metal
      rang out in the cockpit. Wolverine growled, as
      he sliced at the collar once more. "RRRR Dammit!"

      "Wolverine, what is the matter?" Storm asked as she
      walked over to the crouched mutant.

      Wolverine stood up and face Storm. "Did ya happen ta
      get the collars off the other mutants?"

      No one responded.
      Wolverine chuckled.

      Jean tugged at hers, she then burst out laughing.

      Storm giggled as she took her seat at the front of the
      jet, for the long journey back.


      Wolverine crouched in the back of the Blackbird. With
      the bright lights of the interior there was
      no hiding in shadows the horror that plagued
      Sabretooth's body. What Wolverine didn't see back
      at the compound he now saw in the Blackbird.

      The pitiful sight of Sabretooth, huddled back into a
      corner with practically every bone in his body
      showing, huge black eyes staring frightened. Hair
      extremely filthy and matted. If one didn't know
      it was blond, one wouldn't know it now. Sabretooth's
      face slack of emotion other than fear; the
      swelling of his jaw and the large bruises on his
      throat took away the hollowness that his face
      would have had without them. Bruises and infected cuts
      plagued Sabretooth's filthy body.
      Wolverine reached out slowly taking a hold of
      Sabretooth�s shoulder, who in turn tried to cram
      himself further against the wall. The man once known
      for fierceness whimpered like a lost pup.
      Wolverine took his hand back and stood up as the blood
      soaked into his boot treads. The rest of
      the X-Men ignored Wolverine and their passenger.

      It seemed odd to him, that they giggled and talked
      about the latest battle as if it had been a
      training session rather than a mission. Wolverine got
      a faint whiff of laughing gas. Shrugging it
      off, he listened to the conversations up front while
      watching Sabretooth cower. To Wolverine it
      looked like they all seemed a little hyper, then as if
      out of boredom, the Blackbird�s crew started
      to talk about how the school had too many students and
      not enough X-Men as teachers.

      The topic then turned when Cyclops looked back at
      Wolverine, who looked puzzled at them all.

      "When will he wake up?" Cyclops asked from the pilot�s

      "He�s pretty much awake now." Wolverine replied,
      looking down at the cowering Sabretooth.

      "Bet you he'll claw you once he gets his bearings."
      Jean giggled.

      Furrowing his brow, Wolverine smirked dangerously.
      "Twenty dollars says he claws me in ten

      "You�re on." Cyclops said taking the bet.

      "Count me in." Came Rogue's voice.

      "Me too." Jean nodded, then giggled as they all
      started to laugh.


      The Blackbird landed in the X-Mansion's underground
      hanger. Wolverine stayed inside the
      Blackbird waiting for some help to get Sabretooth up,
      as the rest of the X-Men headed out the
      door. Wolverine kept his distance as the scent of fear
      rolled off Creed in waves. Keeping an ear to
      the door, Wolverine heard Beast's voice greet his
      comrades as they disembarked the jet.

      "I expect your mission was a success?" Beast inquired.

      "Not one bit my hairy blue friend." Jean's voice

      "A failure?" Xavier's voice gasped.

      Storm giggled "We freed all the slaves."

      "We missed taking off their collars though." Scott
      chuckled finishing Storm's sentence.

      Wolverine heard Xavier's voice ask. "Who is our

      Scott seemed to sound normal to Wolverine when came
      the reply. "Sabretooth."

      Wolverine didn't realize that he had stopped paying
      attention to Sabretooth, until a sharp pain
      raked across his leg. Wolverine growled in surprise as
      he looked down at the frightened but angry

      "Right on time. Looks like we all owe Wolverine."
      Storm's voice giggled once more filling
      Wolverine's ears.

      " That was 20 cents each right?" Jean's humored voice

      "No, no 20 buttons each." Rouge giggled.

      Wolverine marveled to himself about her, she had grown
      so much in the last few years.

      "It was 20 lint balls and don't you forget it."
      Scott's voice rang out mocking Wolverine's own

      As Laughter filled the hanger Wolverine swore he was
      going to get one eye back for that one.

      "I am afraid I am going to have you in my lab Jean. I
      can't seem to get this collar off." Wolverine
      heard Beast sigh.

      "Oh not to worry Hank. Figure it out on your other
      patient then please call me down." Jean said.

      "We have classes to attend. " Storm said as footsteps
      echoed in the hanger.

      "Are you sure we teach them sugar?" Rogue asked as a
      door opened.

      "Maybe we should just attend them and *learn* how to
      act mature." Scott laughed as someone
      started to run.

      Jean giggled loudly as more running steps sounded
      finally fading away as a door swung shut.

      Wolverine stood in the entrance of the Blackbird, the
      door leading out of the hanger bumped
      against its padded frame. Two claw marks ripped in
      his yellow spandex costume stood out on his

      "Logan, are you alright?" Beast asked seeing the blood
      on his comrade.

      "Oh dandy Hank, I just happen to be owed 80 dollars."
      Logan muttered as he pulled back his
      Wolverine mask.

      "Sounded like 80 lint balls, to me, Canucklehead."
      Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, said.

      Wolverine chuckled. "Shut up."

      Xavier's hover chair moved towards the jet. "Mind
      bringing your guest out, Logan?" He asked.

      Wolverine motioned for Beast to help. The two vanished
      into the jet.
      Beast followed Logan into the Blackbird.

      "Oh�my" Hank, more known as Beast, muttered in shock
      as he saw the large eyes of
      Sabretooth, the fear in them, the condition of him,
      the blood that was slowly staining and soaking
      his legs. Hank followed the blood trail, the most part
      of it stopped� or more apt, started at the
      man's thighs and crotch, the rest trailed down his
      chest and back, as well as a deep gash
      to his head.

      Wolverine stood back watching the blue furred mutant.

      "Logan, what did you do to him?" Beast asked stunned
      as he stared into the two black eyes of a
      frightened, not man, but animal.

      "I didn't do shit, I found him like that." Wolverine

      Beast paused. "What did you all happen to get into?"

      "Laughing gas, all over the whole place." Wolverine

      "Nothing beats a happy slave." Hank sadly commented.


      Medical Laboratories ER and adjoining OR.

      Hank McCoy also known as Beast had his hands full
      trying to stabilize the man more known for
      his psychotic rampages and snarling disposition,
      rather then the ductileness Sabretooth was
      displaying now. As Hank prepared the surgery table he
      heard the rest of the X-Men depart down
      the hall for their next mission. Hank was half way
      through sewing the huge gaps of skin
      together on Creed's body when he heard Jean in the
      next room prepping some more patients, she
      herself would have to work on. Hank sighed as he
      finished with a count of three hundred and two
      stitches. Hank had yet to bandage and hook Sabretooth
      up with more blood and IV's. Upon
      completing his task of stabilizing Sabretooth enough
      to have him in the intensive care, Hank
      knew it would be weeks before any results would be
      visible. If Sabretooth were to survive, Hank
      worried what his mental state would become, and how
      much the mansion could take of claws
      ripping apart various walls. Well, that is, once
      Sabretooth's healing factor kicked in, Hank figured
      it should take roughly a day. How wrong he was.

      Jean and Hank both had Sabretooth hooked up to various
      machines. Creed was breathing on his
      own, however he didn't seem to be getting enough
      oxygen. They had him hooked with plastic
      tubes in his nose to force Oxygen into his lungs. The
      fifth unit of blood dripped into the man, as
      did various IV's filled with anti-toxins and
      antibiotics. A heart monitor beeped steadily as Creed
      often jumped from one number to the next, falling into
      cardiac arrest once already. A brain
      monitor hooked up to Creed to, more for the soul
      reason to calm Jean down for she could not get
      a good reading on Creed. Sabretooth indeed had become
      very weak and fragile. Broken bones,
      fractured ribs, pulled muscles, dislocated shoulder
      and hip, blisters and hemorrhoids. Hank
      decided to look on the bright side, at least Creed had
      slipped into a coma and not been aware of
      the surgeries that Hank performed, and what still had
      to be done.

      After a month, Creed came out of his coma, weeks after
      that he finally became stable enough to
      be bathed in the bathtub, however Hank worried as to
      the reason Sabretooth's healing factor
      never kicked in or when it would, that is, if it

      Hank helped Creed sit up in the bathtub. Water
      splashed down on the blond man from the
      showerhead above. But Creed never acknowledged his
      wetness. With a pair of scissors in one
      hand, Hank proceeded to cut the matts out of Creed's
      hair. With the temptation of shaving Creed's
      head, Hank managed to cut the knots out, and style the
      blond hair somewhat. Creed's front bangs
      dipped down to the bottom of his jaw, while the back
      was shaved and trimmed below the base of
      his skull, exposing the neck. The blond hair was
      angled from mid bang up to the shorter hair in the
      back, then back down mid-bang. McCoy also managed to
      shave Creed�s beard off along with the
      muttonchops. It wasn't easy for Hank to relive Creed's
      flesh of the filth, but he managed. All the
      sponge baths, Hank had to give Creed seemed to give
      very little light as to Creed's full damage.
      But now with the filth gone and running towards the
      drain, Hank was able to see that the
      infections had spread and started to once again feed
      on the healthy flesh around several wounds.
      That meant another trip to the table to remove that
      infected skin. The good news for Hank was
      that most of the other minor wounds looked much better
      than when the man first came in. Hank
      smiled to himself as Creed wiggled his toes, splashing
      the water slightly. Creed seemed to be
      somewhat fascinated with the water and his pale skin.
      But Creed didn't move anything other than
      his toes.

      "Alright Creed, stand up." Hank said.

      Creed froze.

      "Come on Creed, stand up." Hank repeated.

      Creed didn't move.

      "Kneel?" Hank asked as he ran a cloth down Creed's
      Slowly Creed started to shift, and with Hank's help,
      he kneeled in the bathtub gripping the wet
      porcelain sides.
      Hank proceeded to finish washing his patient. Creed
      started to whimper and shivered as the cloth
      ran lower on his body.
      Hank didn't say a word as he ran the rag over the
      castration marks. Finally the task was done.
      "Get up." Hank said tiredly.
      Once again, Creed didn't move. Rolling his eyes Beast
      stood up and lifted the now 197 pound cat
      out of the bathtub, a very difficult task to start
      with and it became more difficult as Creed started
      to squirm.

      Once again Creed was back on the operating table. Hank
      along with Jean, worked on Creed.
      After removing more infected skin, Hank stitched the
      open wounds up, bandages where placed
      over them to keep Creed from scratching. Each of
      Creed's fingers, but his left hands thumb and
      his right hands thumb and pinkie, were bandaged up.
      His nail like claws had been pulled out. Jean
      found the K9's on his bottom jaw had been pulled out

      "Hank," Jean started.

      "I know, I know." McCoy muttered, he didn't need to be
      telepathic to know the other doctor�s
      question or thoughts, he thought them when he first
      washed Creed down enough to see what was
      wrong. They put a hospital-type blind up in the center
      of the infirmary, hiding Creed from anyone
      who had to be admitted


      Xavier sat in his leather chair behind his big red
      wood desk. Ever since Creed's untimely
      admittance to the lower level of the school, Hank had
      noticed that Xavier had been tense and
      frustrated. Storm, Scott, and Logan stood around along
      with Hank in the spacious office.

      "How is the patients?" Storm asked Hank.

      "Sabretooth seems to be the most distraught one. Other
      than that, very well" Hank replied.

      "How is he fairing?" Xavier asked he seemed deeply
      troubled. His furrowed brow, his fingers
      making a steeple, the gathered worried along with
      their mentor.

      "He is..." Hank paused looking at Logan waiting for an
      Logan just raised his brow, also curious.

      "He is showing slight signs of improvement. "Hank

      "What about the others?" Scott inquired.

      "Very minimal. Mostly shaken from the Sentinels
      capturing them. And a few admitting to
      nightmares and fears from the conditions of the
      labors, but other than that only a few bumps and
      bruises. Nothing to Creed�s extreme." Hank sighed.

      "How bad is Creed?" Logan asked.

      Hank paused. "Worse than I think even you could
      imagine, Logan." Hank admitted.

      A brief pause came over the room. Xavier, Storm, and
      Scott started to talk about the patients,
      Hank watched as Logan walked out, then he too joined
      the conversation.


      Beast sat at a computer terminal going over
      Genoshian's prison files. Nothing had been written up
      as to the conditions of mutant prisoners, but there
      was also no mention of Sabretooth or Creed.
      Going on prison description of individuals, McCoy
      found that Sabretooth had been named Kitty,
      as well as a political prisoner for two years and
      three months.

      Henry McCoy read halfway into Kitty's file when he
      heard the whimpering from the far corner. It
      was a soft low pitch rumble mixed with a higher
      pitched whine, thrashing soon followed. Hank
      stood up and proceeded to the darken corner of the
      infirmary. Hank peered around to see
      Sabretooth thrashing around trying to get himself free
      from the bindings. Hank walked into
      Creed's vision line.

      "Hello there, Sabretooth. Or should I say Kitty?" Hank
      joked but frowned when his patient didn't
      respond. Big, black eyes stared into Hank�s brown.

      "Don't like being tied up do you, Creed?" Hank asked
      walking to the foot of the bed Sabretooth
      was strapped to. There was no response again. Hank
      untied the restraints to Creed's feet, then
      leaned over to undo a hand restraint when a foot
      connected weakly into his lower abdomen.
      Hank backed up.

      "That doesn't do much other than tickle." He said
      Hank walked back to his desk in the glass office and
      continued to read the Genoshian files on
      Kitty. He ignored the whimpering and occasional
      thrashing from behind the far blind. Hank
      looked up as the infirmary�s doors opened and Dr. Jean
      Grey started towards her shared office.

      Jean strolled in to the infirmary, her long red hair
      flowed elegantly behind her. Opening the glass
      door, she entered the office area she shared with
      Henry McCoy MD. The two desks faced each
      other in the glass office that sat in the side wall of
      the infirmary.

      "Hank." Jean smiled acknowledging her colleague.

      "Jean." Hank smiled back.

      "How is our prize patient today?" Jean asked walking
      behind her desk, opening a top drawer she
      pulled out a hair tie.

      "He is awake and moving." Hank replied.

      "Moving? That�s an improvement. Has he recognized
      anything yet?" Jean said with arms over her
      head, wrapping a small elastic around her hair.

      "Not that I am aware of, he tried to kick me, but it
      was probably just a response to someone close
      to him.� Hank replied setting down the beige folder,
      closing it. "I suggest you read over his file
      Dr. Grey, it is disturbing but provides some clues to
      his current state of mind."

      "Brief me please, Henry." Jean smiled shuffling papers
      around on her desk.

      "They didn't have a name for him until months after he
      became a captive. They finally called him
      Kitty, after pulling his bottom fangs out, no reason
      stated for the dentistry. He had a female cell
      mate that Kitty had been accused of raping and
      killing, the report used that as an excuse for
      removing all claws they could." Hank paused. "Shall I

      "No, thank you Hank. His name is Kitty." Jean nodded
      her face a little paler than when she came

      Hank nodded as he watched the red head stroll back out
      of the office space and over to the
      intensive care unit.

      Jean noticed Creed didn't creep back as she approached
      the bedside. She smiled, reaching out
      touching the weak man's shoulder gently.
      "Hello there. Do you recognize me?" Jean said rubbing
      the man�s shoulder tenderly.

      Creed shook his head �no� slowly.

      "Alright, that�s ok, I am Jean Grey, a doctor." She
      said soothingly. "No one is going to hurt you
      anymore. I promise, you are safe and in good hands."

      Jean watched as Creed moved his head away not fully
      trusting her.
      Jean didn't let her smile falter or her hand lose its
      gentleness as she let her mind skim over her
      patient�s thoughts.

      "I don't expect you to trust anyone for a while." She
      paused as she caught a sudden thought from

      "Don't worry, you won�t ever have to go back to that
      place again. You�re faraway from Genosha
      now; you�re in the United States, New York. No one
      from there will ever hurt you again. I
      promise. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"
      Jean asked, her eyes tender and concerned.

      Creed nodded yes slowly.

      Pulling a chair from the wall beside Creed's bed she
      sat down.
      "What's your name?" Jean asked.

      No answer.

      "Would you like to be called Kitty?" Jean asked warily
      as she recalled the reports.

      Creed slowly nodded his head yes.

      "Alright Kitty, do you talk?"

      Kitty shook his head no.

      "Are you a mutant?"

      Kitty nodded yes.

      Jean smiled "Great." she pleasantly said.
      "Now, think on this one please. Do you wish to live?"
      Jean asked slowly looking into the
      frightened black eyes.

      Kitty nodded his head slowly. His instincts screaming
      at him to live, even though most of him felt
      like he had died already.

      "Alright, then I shall make sure you get everything
      you require and inform the staff to keep you
      on the best of care available. I will be back shortly
      to take a look at your wounds." With that Jean
      rose, put the chair back and strolled around the blind
      out of Kitty's site.


      The robins sang as they greeted the early dawn. Fresh
      buds on the bare tree branches, bushes and
      hedges added the smell of spring to the air. The air
      still had a slight nip lingering from the winter
      months, a light coat was all that the spring days
      required outside. Xavier rolled down the stone
      garden path, the multi-millionaire, founder of a
      school and institution, idealist, dreamer and
      founder of the X-Men. Charles Frances Xavier took in
      the new spring day dawning. All his
      troubles, worries, hopes, and fears vanished from his
      always working mind, this moment was his.
      One selfish moment to take in the sun rise from the
      garden not yet with flowers or bees, just the
      birth of mother nature from her cold winter nap.
      Xavier smiled.
      Yes, no matter what goes on, or how much things seem
      to change it ends up time and again, that
      everything returns to a familiar normal, whether it be
      natures cycle, schooling, migrating birds,
      even politics, they all float back to familiar

      Logan stretched out on a low laying tree branch. His
      arms propped against the bark pillowing his
      head. One bare foot dangled down limply as the other
      stretched along the branch. The scent of
      Xavier floated into the wild man�s nose. Between the
      tree branches with only small buds, the pink
      dawn sky provided the nicest backdrop to the songs of
      the robins that flew against it. Logan
      looked down at Charles rolling below also looking at
      the spring sunrise.

      "Nothing like the first sunrise of the season is
      there, Chuck?" Logan grunted looking back to the
      horizon where the sun would soon be dancing over.

      "No, there isn't, Logan. And a good morning to you."
      Charles Xavier greeted.

      "Morning." Logan grunted.

      The two stayed in silence till the pink turned to
      purple then faded into blue as the sun made its
      appearance creeping over the horizon. Once the
      breathtaking moment was over and the yellow
      ball of fire met the tree line. Charles turned to
      Logan. "In case you are curious, Sabretooth's
      health is improving very slowly."

      Logan looked down at the man in the wheelchair. "Yeah,
      Jeannie said that, but he doesn't know
      who anyone is."

      "He doesn't even remember his own name, Logan. I was
      hoping you would spend some time with
      him." Charles said tilting his chair's joystick

      "You crazy?" Logan grumbled.

      "No Logan, just hopeful." Charles called back.

      Logan watched the back of the chair till it turned
      around a well-trimmed hedge.

      "Babysit Creed?" Logan snorted, taking a cigar out
      from his shirt breast pocket, lighting it, he
      grunted in disgust.


      Logan found himself in the infirmary later that day.
      Looking around he wondered what ever
      possessed him to come down here, then he remembered as
      soon as Jean strolled out of her office
      wearing a tight, short, purple dress that clung to her
      shapely form, her long white lab coat flowing
      behind her.

      "Logan! I didn't expect you to come down here." Jean
      said genuinely surprised.

      "Didn't plan on it Jeannie." Logan grunted looking
      around at the few patents still sleeping and
      hooked up to various pieces of medical equipment.

      "Well since you are down here, would you mind seeing
      the prize patient?" Jean with her thick
      moist red lip drawn up in a smile asked.
      Logan shrugged, right, the second reason he had
      wandered down, curiosity.

      "Why not?" Logan grunted as he followed Jean and her
      wiggling ass to the far corner of the
      infirmary and then behind a dark blind.
      Two huge black eyes full of fear greeted Logan once he
      crossed behind the blind. Logan looked at
      Creed laying on his back with IV's and monitors hooked
      up to him.
      Logan growled. "He ain't healin'."

      "No, he won�t for sometime yet. I have not yet
      isolated the problem as to why though." Jean
      sighed rubbing the frightened creature's hair as he
      stared at Logan.

      Logan stood there silently looking over Creed who had
      a dark blanket up to his mid chest. Logan
      ignored the stare and studied the bandages wrapped
      around Creed's fore arms, chest, and around
      his head, blood seeping through the gauze by the left
      temple. Blond locks that looked hilarious in
      the new hairstyle were still stained slightly red.
      'Add glasses and he�ll look like one of the geekiest
      body builders.' Logan chuckled to himself, then
      realized Sabretooth was probably naked under the
      Logan watched as Jean caressed Creed�s hand and
      growled slightly.

      "Kitty has made a lot of progress Logan, it�s only
      been a few months, large improvements won�t
      be obvious for months still."

      Logan blinked trying to register what Jean just said.
      "His name is Creed." Logan muttered as he watched
      Creed turn his head to look at Jean, then
      back to staring at Logan.

      A low gruff "mew" came from his Kitty's mouth.
      Logan and Jean both looked at him funny.

      "He talked." Jean said stunned.

      Logan guessed she didn't expect him to talk for a long
      while yet.

      "His name is kitty..." Logan mused watching Creed rrr
      Kitty shift slightly.

      "Logan, would you excuse us? I need to change Kitty's
      bandages." Jean pleasantly requested.

      "Huh? Yeah, sure." Logan grunted leaving the two, it
      didn't sit well with him leaving her alone
      with that.

      "You recognize him ? No? It�s alright, he won�t hurt
      you." Logan heard Jean softly coo to Creed.
      Maybe Logan didn't have anything to worry about,
      maybe, but he still didn't like it. Logan left the


      Logan was sitting in the kitchen along with Scott as
      they ate cold roast beef sandwiches in silence.
      It wasn't an awkward silence, the two hardly ever said
      more than three words to each other out
      side of missions.

      Between bites Scott muttered. "Why haven't you killed
      the psycho down stairs yet?"

      Raising his brows Logan looked at Scott with his
      mouth stuck between chews, forcing himself to
      swallow Logan managed to reply. "Chuck promised to
      send me to Genosha if I tried anything like

      Scott Summers chuckled at that.

      Logan studied Scott. "Why ya wanna know? Jeannie
      spending more time with him than you?"

      "She won�t shut up about him. Kitty did this, Kitty
      did that, Kitty stood up. It sickens me, so what
      if he doesn�t know where the hell he is. She treats
      him like an infant!" Scott snapped annoyed.

      Logan stood up with the sudden loss of appetite,
      putting his sandwich down he walked to the
      kitchen door that lead out side. The calm afternoon
      sky on the other side of the door didn�t help
      suppress any memories.

      "This could be his second chance." Logan grumbled
      feeling eyes on his back followed by harsh
      barks of laughter from Scott. Narrowing his eyes,
      Logan turned around and stalked up to the all
      mighty Cyclops.

      "Ya think its funny not knowing!?" Logan growled
      holding back his claws but squeezing his
      fingers into a fist.

      Scott paused in his laughter. "Only when he deserves
      it." He replied.

      Logan growled and swung his fist at Scott. Scott went
      down hard, crashing against the cold
      kitchen tile flooring.

      "I hope that hurts when ya come to." Logan snarled as
      he slammed open the screen door, heading
      Something kept nagging at the back of Logan's mind, he
      just couldn't figure out what it was
      exactly. Walking out the screen door, Logan headed for
      a bar to think.

      Hanging a flyer on a bright orange paper, bold black
      letters seemed to jump off the page
      screaming the words.
      �Lost Kitty
      Call X�

      There were only four flyers that hung in different
      bars that Sabretooth used to frequent. Walking
      out of the last dive Creed went to, Logan headed for
      one of his own watering holes. Logan
      walked into a seedy place, mind you it was much
      cleaner than any of Creed�s hangouts. Blue
      smoke hung thick in the air clinging to everything
      like a second skin. A few men were playing
      pool, a few people sat in various seats drinking and
      smoking, and some girls danced as the radio
      played some heavy metal tunes. Logan took a seat at
      the bar, his cowboy hat tipped down

      "Regular?" The bartender asked his familiar customer.

      Logan grunted "Yup" as he placed some cash on the
      counter, enough for twenty-two drinks.

      The barkeeper scooped up the money and placed the
      first of many drinks in front of his customer.
      Logan pulled out a chew root from his cow-skin jacket,
      slicing the end off, he then lit the stodgy,
      the flame redden as he inhaled. Pulling an empty
      ashtray towards himself, Logan set down his
      cigar then took a swing of the booze. Logan stayed in
      the bar all night letting his senses drown in
      the alcohol and thick smoke, unfortunately his
      thoughts didn't drown as fast as his senses.


      Far away cross New York City, two people stood by a
      phone, one holding the receiver to her ear.

      "Any answer?" A medium built man with a British
      accent, in a shiny black trench coat with dark
      jeans cladding well formed legs that looked as if they
      could jump over the Sears tower, asked.

      "None. Busy" A soft lulling voice sneered from juicy
      red lips.

      "Damn. 'Ow are we gonna know if it�s Sabertoof or
      not?" The man asked tugging at one of the
      tuffs of dark green hair sticking out from under his

      "If I knew Toad. I wouldn't be calling, now would I?"
      She snapped, hanging up the receiver and
      retrieving the coin.

      "Call again." Toad encouraged.

      "One more and that�s it." The female with blood red
      hair said, her long white dress glistened
      under the street light.


      Storm, also known as Ororo Munroe, and Logan sat at
      the kitchen table, she drinking her herbal
      tea, and he with a bottle of beer, the two lightly

      "I am surprised at how calm you are about Sabretooth
      being in the building." Ororo commented.

      "Ya well it ain�t like he's worth my time laid up, and
      out of it. I seen dying dogs with clearer
      minds than him." Logan grunted.

      "Not worth your time? Why�s that?" Ororo inquired as
      she set her cup down.

      "He ain�t got no healin' factor, darlin'. All them
      years fighting each other with a healin' factor gave
      a certain degree to each battle. We coulda killed each
      other 100 times over and then some,
      without it." Logan said taking a drink of his beer
      trying to believe what he just said.

      "If it were anyone else, would you still feel the
      same?" Ororo asked curiously as she brushed a
      lock of white hair from in front of her face.

      "Dunno, first time I ever heard o' mutations turning
      off on their own." Logan grunted as he set the
      brown bottle on the table.

      "When Sabretooth regains his mind, will you be
      fighting then?" Ororo asked once more picking
      up her teacup.

      "Maybe." Logan grunted.

      "What about when he's better?"

      "Darlin', when he's all better I gonna be kicking his
      ass out the door." Logan boasted as Scott
      walked into the kitchen.

      "Who's ass?" Scott inquired walking towards the
      coffee-pot beside the phone.

      "Creed�s." Logan replied.

      "Good evening Scott." Ororo greeted.

      "It'll be good when the phone stops ringing." Scott
      grumbled pouring his coffee into a mug.

      "It's only been a couple of weeks." Ororo attempted
      to offer.

      "Two weeks and I only ripped three phones off the
      wall, It'll be four come Wednesday." Scott's
      dark humor resorted back with uncommon bitterness.

      "Didn't know ya had it in ya, Scooter." Logan grinned,
      as he caught a glimpse of Scott's healing
      bruised jaw.

      "Unfortunately no one has asked for a blond tabby with
      shaggy hair, black eyes, and 7 foot
      something height." Scott said taking a drink of the

      "I never knew Toothy was such a popular name." Ororo
      commented getting up from her chair.

      Logan snorted. "Toothy? How many damn people called
      their cats �Toothy�. Call a cat Fluffy, not
      Toothy." Logan reasoned as the phone rang.

      "You know. I really hate that thing." Scott growled as
      it rang again.

      Storm giggled as she slipped her cup into the
      dishwasher then departed the kitchen.

      Logan laughed as Cyclops whirled around grabbing the
      cradle with both hands, obviously wanting
      nothing more than to rip it off the wall again.
      "Just answer the damn thing!" Logan snarled.

      Scott took a deep breath and answered the fucking
      phone one more time.

      "Hello?" Scott said into the speaker of the phone
      calmly but annoyed.

      "A blond tabby with dark eyes, black paws and chest?"
      Scott paused looking at Logan.

      Logan raised his eyebrows and whispered. "Weight,
      "About how much would Toothy weigh?" Scott asked
      hoping this was the call.

      "18 kilograms, no sorry. You too. Bye." Scott
      disappointedly hung up the phone.

      "It was close." Logan said.

      "Ya right." Scott growled as the phone rang again.
      Scott picked it up again.

      "Hello? A grey and black Persian? No there is no cat
      here. Stop calling!" Scott yelled slamming
      down the phone onto the cradle.
      "That was uncalled fo..."

      "SHUT UP!" Scott snapped storming out of the kitchen.

      Logan's roars of laughter followed Scott as he stalked
      down the hallways.


      Scott Summers waited in his bed alone, naked under the
      white covers he saw as red threw his
      ruby red quartz visor. The light beside him was turned
      on as he skimmed the pages of a book he
      wasn�t actually reading. At 11:30 p.m. He finally gave
      up, putting the book down, turning off the
      lamp, he tried to sleep. The clock turned 1:00 am when
      the bedroom door opened. Jean finally
      walked into her shared bedroom. Tip toeing, she
      silently undressed in the dark, brushed her teeth,
      then slipped under the covers careful not to disturb
      her husband.

      "You�re late" Scott Summers coldly informed his wife
      as he turned on the lamp beside him.

      Jean sat up in bed. "I know I am, sorry, Scott."

      "Jean." Scott started as he sat up looking at her. "I
      want you to stop babying that psycho path."

      "Scott!" Jean gasped. "Since when did you become
      selfish? I will not stop �babying� him, as you
      put it. He needs medical help Scott, as an X-Man, I
      thought you would know that. We help
      others, not leave them to die."

      "Look Jean. He won�t die. He has a healing factor, or
      don't you remember that?" Scott snapped.

      "He doesn't Scott. All his mutant abilities have been
      suppressed completely by the prolong use of
      the inhibitor collar. I will not turn my back on a
      patient just because you want me to!" Jean
      snapped getting out of bed.

      "Jean get back in bed." Scott ordered.

      "No." She angrily said slamming the bedroom door on
      her way out.

      Scott lay back down in bed. "Damn" he muttered to the
      still room.


      Logan noticed Scott and Jean had stopped sleeping in
      the same room, he thought nothing of it till
      the third night. Deciding to make his move on Jean, he
      wandered down to the infirmary where he
      knew Jean had been spending a lot of time with Kitty.
      Logan chuckled at calling Creed that.
      Shadow Cat had been upset when she over heard the
      teachers talking about a Kitty other than her.
      Everyone reassured Shadow Cat that it wasn't
      permanent, she could live with it. None of the kids
      knew they had an enemy below their school and Xavier
      would keep it that way, Logan knew the
      man's style.

      Jean sat on the edge of her desk inside the glass
      office, in her hands she appeared to be reading
      contents in a folder. Hank sat behind his desk,
      talking to her. Logan approached the door and
      knocked. Hank was the one to wave Logan in.
      Opening the glass door the chilly air from the AC unit
      sent a pleasant shiver up Logan's spine.

      "Hello Logan, have you decided to come and make us an
      offer we couldn't refuse?" McCoy
      chuckled darkly.

      "Um, eh?" Logan said confused.

      "Just ignore him Logan, Hank is just upset that Scott
      tried to get the two of us out so he could
      kill Kitty." Jean muttered not looking up from the

      "It�s always the one you least expect." Hank muttered
      as Jean put her finger in the folder.

      "Here we go Hank." Jean started reading from the file.
      "Sterilization is now being administrated
      to those mutants in all Genoshian Republic prisons.
      The males having vasectomies.."

      "Vasectomies?" Logan asked interrupting Jean's speech.

      Jean and Hank both looked at Logan.

      "Yes Logan," Hank started "Vasectomy is male
      sterilization by the surgical interruption of the vas
      deferens, the two sperm-transporting tubes that lead
      from the male testes to the ejaculatory duct.
      This procedure prevents sperm cells from reaching the
      semen storage structures, called seminal
      vesicles, where glandular secretions form semen. As a
      result, the semen becomes sterile and is
      unable to cause pregnancy. Because vasectomy does not
      affect hormone or semen production,
      sexual activity of the male is not hampered."

      "Almost 500,000 vasectomies are performed annually in
      the United States. It is usually performed
      under local anaesthesia in a physician's office. In
      the past, a small incision requiring sutures was
      necessary, but a new no-scalpel vasectomy is becoming
      the standard procedure. In this technique
      each vas deferens is secured just beneath the skin. A
      sharp-tipped instrument pierces the skin and
      stretches it to a small opening from which the vas
      deferens is then lifted out and cut. The ends of
      the vas deferens are blocked either by legation or
      cautery. The tiny skin opening does not require
      a suture and this produces bleeding, bruising,
      hematoma, and infection. After a vasectomy, the
      male is not sterile until sperm that has already been
      stored in the seminal vesicles is flushed from
      the system. This generally takes about 15
      ejaculations. Reversal of vasectomy may be possible by
      micro-surgery, although not all men regain fertility.
      Changes in the vas deferens system, the length
      of the vas deferens removed, and the time since
      vasectomy influence success."

      Logan stood there with his mouth a gap. Not grasping a
      single concept of whatever Hank just

      Jean shook her head as she continued to read from her
      folder, picking up where she left off. "The
      females, rather than nursing hysterectomy patients,
      are having typical tube-ties. The results have
      been far more successive on the females, due to it
      being effective immediately. The males on the
      other hand, are no longer allowed to be out of prison
      unless the vasectomies are successful.
      Thoughts of moving this operation to the workers and
      political prisoners has not been overlooked
      and is still in the process of assessment." Jean

      Hank nodded. "That would explain their lack of
      hesitation to experimentation Sabretooth."

      Logan cleared his throat. "Experiment?"

      Jean and Hank turned to Logan as if they forgot that
      he was still there.

      "I am afraid he will have to tell you Logan." Jean
      simply said.

      Logan grunted walking out of the office space. If Jean
      was looking up ways to neuter, He really
      didn't want to be around her, let alone try hitting on
      her. Logan decided to let Scooter keep her,
      just to see if she neuters him. Not passing the
      opportunity up, Logan sneaked a peek behind the

      Huge, frightened, black eyes looked at Logan.

      "Boo." Logan smirked walking to the foot of the
      hospital bed.

      Black eyes blinked then a slow wary smile crept onto
      the chapped lips.

      "Remember me?" Logan chuckled as Creed started to
      wiggle his toes.

      Creed shook his head yes.

      "What�s my name Creed? I mean, Kitty?"

      "Logan." Kitty replied in a weak low whisper that
      Logan had to actually strain to hear.

      Logan moved to the side of the bed purposely ignoring
      the chair. He bent over and snarled near
      Kitty�s face.

      "Ya remember what I done ta ya?" Kitty didn't reply,
      just stared back with that frightened

      Logan stood up and stared to leave.

      "Logan�" Kitty muttered.

      "What?" Logan grunted.

      "How long?"

      "Ya been gone two and a half years, Sabretooth." Logan

      "Don't call me that, dun like it." Kitty grumbled

      Logan shrugged and walked away. Jean and Hank didn't
      even look up from their paper work as
      Logan left.

      Logan started to find himself more often than not in
      the infirmary, talking to Jean or Hank, and
      when no one else was around, Kitty. One way
      conversation with head nods, shakes, and blinks for
      answers. Sometimes Kitty talked. Logan grumbled to
      himself as he stood by Kitty's bedside,
      looking over the pitiful looking man.

      "Kitty?" Logan grunted seeing if he was awake. 'There
      I go now, calling him Kitty, something
      must be wrong with me, I call Creed, Kitty, and been
      spending time with him. Maybe it�s just my
      way of being there, I been in his shoes before, not
      knowing, not understanding, but it took 15
      years before I even found this place, 15 years..., So
      I hated Creed, yeah sue me, we hated each
      other, but I still wouldn't wish that 15 year gap in
      life on anyone..., but Omega Red, that steel
      octopus can have 15 years of his brain extracted, that
      is.... if you can find his brain!' Logan snarled
      at himself unaware of anyone else near him.

      Someone behind Logan cleared his throat.

      "You will have to wait till he is healed before I will
      allow you to continued your private feud."
      Logan turned trying to cover up his surprise.

      Hank stood just inside the blind.

      "He still isn't healing." Logan grunted waving a hand
      over Creed.

      "What an observation, Logan. Becoming a doctor now?"
      Hank sarcastically replied.

      "No, that�s your department. I�m just waiting till he
      can stand up on his own two feet." Logan
      snapped defensively.

      "You have a while to wait still, Logan." Hank replied

      Turning on his heel, Logan then stalked out of the
      infirmary. The large steel door to the infirmary
      opened, then closed behind him.

      Darkness, total deep darkness, no scents, can't smell.
      No sounds, throbbing pain. Can't see, what
      I can is extremely blurred, distorted. Hands, cold
      hands, lots of them caressing me. All over, my
      chest, my back... lower. I moan. Cold hard steel crash
      against my skull. I curse. Hands continue
      to tug at me, someone slips a finger up my ass,
      disgusted...I moan again, it felt good once, it was
      followed by two more. Cold steel strikes my head
      again. I curse. I go to swipe at one, chain
      holding my arms in place. I curse. Lips, kissing me.
      My throat, someone nipping at my
      shoulders. Tongues running along my erect penis. Oh
      god it felt good. Warm� wet. I moan.
      Steel bashes against my leg. I curse. Steel crashes
      against my back, then again my sides, I feel
      my ribs give way. Not puncturing a lung, thankfully.
      Hands, grabbing me. Someone unchaining
      my arms, they had been chained over my head. Too numb,
      coldness. Hands start
      striking me, touching me, caressing me. I am forced to
      kneel, no... no� anything� no......

      Hank and everyone else in the lower levels of the
      mansion jumped when they heard the scream. It
      was a mix of a howl and a cry filled with pain, hatred
      and fear.
      Creed had bolted sitting right up on the cold bed. The
      sheet falling to his lap. His eyes wide and
      confused, the bright lights blinding him. His heart
      thumping erratically in his chest. Few deadly
      claws gripped the side of the bed. The screaming
      stopped but the growling continued. Drops of
      perspiration slipped down his brow.
      Hank slowly approached Creed. While the other patients
      had too peeled themselves off the
      The hair on Beast�s neck and back remained on end.

      Hands.. warm.. furry.. real.. no smells.

      Hank held his breath. "Creed." Blank eyes stared wide
      into space. Hank slowly put a hand on the
      man�s shoulder.
      "Kitty." Hank repeated.

      Logan burst into the infirmary followed by Scott and

      "What�s going on?" Wolverine growled popping all six
      of his claws.

      Hank ignored them all.

      "Creed, can you hear me?" Henry McCoy said softly to
      his patient.
      Creed didn't move. Hank put a hand on his chest and
      slowly pushed him down. Creed obeyed
      lying back down, Hank pulled the blanket back over
      Kitty's bare chest.

      Cyclops paused. "What happened Hank?"

      "I don't know. " Hank admitted as he checked Kitty�s
      pulse. Everything was leveling out.
      Wolverine slowly approached Sabretooth. Wolverine
      sniffed, smelling the disinfectant in the room
      along with Creed.. His claws retracted.

      Rogue opened her mouth but didn't say anything as
      Wolverine's hand reached out and touched
      Creed's. Wolverine blinked.
      "Christ." He muttered turning away and walking out of
      the room.
      No one said anything. The others filed out.

      Hank continued to check on Kitty, hours after the
      sudden unexpected outburst, Creed didn't
      move. His eyes closed but he didn't fall back asleep.
      Just bit on his bottom lip sometimes and dug
      his claws, what he had left of them, into the metal
      bed. Hank had added morphine to the IV, it
      didn't seem to help. Kitty stayed in the tense state
      of near shock for three days before he opened
      his eyes and blinked actually looking and focusing on
      Hank's face.

      Hank was leaning over Creed re-bandaging the abrasions
      on the side of his head.

      "Well good morning, or more apt, good evening." Hank
      greeted warmly as he finished up.

      Kitty grunted but didn�t reply.

      Hank moved back. "You gave us all quite a scare."

      Kitty gave Beast an odd look not grasping the meaning.

      Hank continued. "You woke up screaming, then went
      into a state of shock. You haven�t
      moved or reacted to anything for three days now. Logan
      was at your bed side for half a

      Kitty's eyes followed Hank�s movement.
      "Lo'an?... I ...alive." Kitty said working his jaw,
      his voice low and dry.

      "How unfortunate for us all." Beast muttered leaving
      Kitty alone.

      end part 3
      TBC in 4

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