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4216Poem: Drifting

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Apr 3, 2002
      Title: Drifting
      Author: Meghan (lynn_teke@...)
      Website: http://www.geocities.com/lynn_teke
      Summery: Depressing, you're fully warned.
      Pairing: Pick your fandom, pick your male, and pick your female.


      We don't talk anymore
      Open our mouths but no words come out
      Going through the motions of living
      Drifting through the days
      Time has no feeling
      Nights are long and meaningless

      The door of the bedroom is shut
      The covers on the bed turned down
      Smooth a hand across the sheet
      Watch it ripple beneath the skin
      Lay down on an empty pillow
      Head towards the oak paneling

      The bed dips as he settles in
      It's dark
      Save for the crack of light beneath the door
      He listens to the rasp of his breath
      Shatter the insufferable silence
      Praying for the strength to close the gap between them
      Too many fights with hurt feelings have taken their toll
      He regrets all the things he�s said
      And everything he wished he had

      He pads barefoot to the kitchen
      The tiny bulb in the fridge illuminates his face
      Shakily he withdraws the carton of milk
      Closing the door, he pauses
      Her eyes meet his across the room
      He opens a cupboard and takes down a glass
      His fingers brush over her face

      In the morning�s light
      The dust has diminished from her picture
      And he can pretend she�s still beside him
      That he�ll feel the drumming of her heart
      When he lays his head upon her chest
      That the gloss of the cool glass is really heated flesh

      He smashes his fist into the frame
      A shower of sharp shards rains down
      Blood and tears mix in a swirl
      Staining the cream coloured carpet
      Ugly as the bruises forming on his knuckles
      Light glints off the jagged edges
      A blinding display through a veil of tears
      Distorting the beauty of her face into blurred colours

      Carved granite takes shape beneath his fingertips
      Grass has grown over the earth
      Violets blossem at the base
      Green vines have tendrils caressing the stone
      Creeping up the sides
      Peace and tranquility prevail
      Except in his heart

      Harsh sobs echo through the deserted graveyard
      Bouncing off tombstones in crushing waves
      The thud of a cork dropped
      Muffled by the grass that hides it from view
      Amber liquid slides over parched lips
      Glass vial drops down to lean against a stem
      He leans againt the headstone
      Forehead pressed to the carved rose at the top
      Fisted hand clenching at his side
      He listens to the rasp of his breath
      Silence returns

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