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4157Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Fic: The Evolution of Jubilee

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  • Sharon Brice
    Mar 6, 2002
      Personally, i thought this is one of the best stories to come through a fanfic list. Totally different and original. And was very realistic on how it was handled down to the ending. Why i say it is one of the best is that it had several good "morals/lessons" in your theme. Including having a young person who definitely wouldn't be your typical "advocate" do all this for reasons that she couldn't quite explain at first but summed it up best by "It pissed me off". Very Jubilee. Very realistic and true to the character in the comic. I would recommend anyone to read this as it also not only had the good lesson theme but it was hilarious at times too! I would've loved to have seen Scott's face when Jubliee went to him. Heh, i can just imagine. I think this is one of my favorite "Jubilee" stories. Most portray her as "slut" or a mean kid or as a pratical joker (which i will admit to be fond of the latter, just not the previous two). She may not be my favorite character, but stories like this could make me a fan any day just as the one's where she hooks people up (can we say R/L?) in that Cheeto's stories cause deep down she is a good caring person with a lot of passion underall that "fashion model/mallrat persona". Either way, awesome story. Definitely a keeper in may ways.

      So, have you wrote anything else? Please feel free to direct me to where i can find it!


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