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4113NEWS: Hugh Jackman Bulks up for X2

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  • tosh
    Feb 12, 2002
      I've become quite the mogul, haven't I girls? ^_^

      Jackman Bulks Up For X-men Sequel

      Australian hunk Hugh Jackman is on a strict binge-eating diet to build
      himself up for X-Men 2. Jackman is spending the next six months building
      up his physique to look like a muscle packed superhero.

      And he admits the gruelling work out schedule is leaving him feeling a
      little sorry for himself.

      He says, "It's hard to change your body if it doesn't want to. I've been
      doing nausea-inducing strength training four or five times a week for an
      hour with my trainer Josh. He's the guy who worked with Angelina Jolie
      for Lara Croft."

      "I also do 20 minutes of hard aerobic sessions three times a week. And I
      eat all the time. My breakfast is oatmeal with a scoop of protein
      powder, an egg white omelette, low-fat baked beans, low-fat cottage
      cheese, a couple of slices of ham and sauteed spinach. I eat five or six
      times a day, but I make sure not to eat any sugar, breads or pasta."-- WENN

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