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4106Poem: Buried Alive -2challenges.

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  • Chrissy Synth
    Feb 9, 2002
      Title: Buried Alive
      Author: Chrissy Synth
      Summary: Poem made possilbe by Opening sentance
      challenge & Challange in a can.
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and
      Fox. I am too poor to sue.
      Archive: List.
      Feedback: Please.
      This is based on two things: Khaki's "They died
      instantly" opening line challenge (Althoug a bit
      changed.), and the challenge from
      http://www.dymphna.net/challenge/ the challenge was
      Scott Alive Dirt.

      They said he died instantly.
      Fell through the roof of a burning building,
      trying to save a child from it's terrible fate.

      They found him burnt and barly breathing,
      if at all.
      They put him in a casket.
      They buried him in the dirt.
      They all mourned,
      but carried on.

      He awoke to coldness.
      He opened his eyes without his visor.
      The red flair broke through the wood, soil and
      a beacon in the night.

      They came running.
      They dug him up,
      moved five feet of dirt.

      He yelled and moaned.
      He was alive.

      How could they think that,
      Scott Summers had died?

      My life is a puzzle. Picking up the pieces is simple, trying to fit those pieces together is a diffrent matter all together.

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