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4099Death in the Garden FF (1/1 PG L/O)

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  • S Chester
    Feb 7, 2002
      Title: Death in the Garden

      Author: Khylea

      Rating: Oh, let's say PG. A couple mild swear words, and of course, death.

      Disclaimer: None of the characters within this fic belong to me. 'Nuff said.

      Characters: Logan/Ororo

      Feedback: Oh what the heck. or if you like Instant Messaging: 993242 at ICQ, Khylea C at AOL, or Khylea2 at Yahoo.

      Archive: Anyone I've previously given permission to, go for it. Anyone new, sure, just send me an email to let me know where it's going.

      Author's Notes: This is in response to Khaki's challenge to write a fic with the opening sentence being "They died instantly." Please be kind. I wrote it in about 10 minutes and it's unbetaed.

      They died instantly. One minute they were standing tall, the next they fell down into the garden, screaming in pain. Logan looked at them in dismay. *Shit, this is not good.* He thought to himself. He tried to prop them back upright. They fell back down. He was in the middle of covering them over with dirt when he heard footsteps behind him. He quickly stood, trying to hide them.

      "Logan? Is something the matter?" Ororo Monroe was approaching, knitting her brows at the look on Logan's face. "Logan?" She repeated, trying to look around him, growing more and more irritated as he kept sidestepping, preventing her from seeing the ground behind him.

      "Um, no...nothing's wrong, 'Ro."

      "Don't 'Ro' ME, Logan. Let me see." He flinched as her eyes clouded over and a clap of lightning cut through the clear blue sky. Hesitantly, he stepped to the side.

      "Arrrrghgghghhhhhh." She screamed, leaping to the freshly moved ground, pushing the dirt aside, uncovering the dead bodies. She whirled to face Logan, her face clouding over in anger. He backed up as she advanced on him. "Dammit Logan! You killed them! I can't leave you alone for two minutes with them. How hard can it be?"

      "I...I'm sorry 'Ro. I didn't mean...."

      "YOU KILLED THEM!!!!" She yelled, her eyes clouding over again. Logan jumped as another clap of lighting split the sky, and decided he would much rather deal with One-Eye laughing at him for running away than to have to face an entirely pissed off weather goddess.

      Turning his back on Ororo, he hightailed it for the garage, running as fast as he could. He heard several more angry screams, and just as he passed out of earshot, heard his name once again. "Dammit, Logan, I just asked you to cut down the DEAD roses, I didn't want ALL of them taken down....."


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