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4090OT: Pan-fandom Feedback survey

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  • victoria p.
    Jan 31, 2002
      Passing this along, apologies in advance if you get it multiple times.
      Everyone should do it. I think the results will be really interesting.
      Don't email me with questions - the survey makers' emails are at the


      If posting is publishing, is your choice of where to
      post marketing? Fanfic fans and writers talk a lot
      about getting and giving feedback. We wondered if
      where you post your fiction affects the feedback you
      get. Then we wondered if anyone would like to
      answer a small survey so we could figure out what the
      true story really was.

      The survey is available here:


      The survey will be available until February 8. We will
      be publishing an article about the results at zendom
      on March 19. If you have any questions please email
      Vera (copracat@...) or Seema



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