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4084WRFA Author Interview

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  • hanscomde
    Jan 29, 2002
      Hi Everybody,

      February's WRFA interview will be with Jengrrrl, the author of such
      stories as the "Big Crunch" series, "All Aboard" AU, "Of Friends and
      Good Intentions" and "Purdah" among others. The stories can be read
      at the WRFA archive or Jengrrrl's own site
      (www.wolverineandrogue.com/muses/index2.html). Please send any
      questions you have for Jengrrrl to me at either address below by
      February 11th. They'll be compiled and sent out that week.

      Also, Molly's (December) and Sorciere's (January) interviews should
      be posted at the archive within days. Please take the time to check
      them out. Although a bit late (on our part), they are a terrific
      read and definitely worth the wait.

      Thanks for your interst and participation.

      Diane Hanscom

      hanscomd@... or hanscomd@...
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