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4057Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Re: Logan? Marie?

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  • Rhonda Amos
    Jan 18 10:31 AM
      Hate to break it to you, dude, but Logan/Rogue are icon status. Here's why:

      1. Logan's never going to have a real chance at Jean. Their relationship is strictly knight and queen, in that the knight will fight and die for a queen he'll never get to touch.

      2. Rogue is young, but not a child. Better known as 'jailbait.' Check out Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. We all talk a good game about men really appreciating older, more mature women, but fantasy sells, and that image is the fantasy. Add the macho-male image (Logan) and the two gravitate towards each other.

      3. Older guy/younger woman pairings are incredibly prevelant in literature and society. From Jane Eyre to Sean Connery, it's the acceptable image. Older woman/younger guy gives most people the wiggins, unless they live next door to Mrs. Robinson.

      So, 1 plus 2 equals 3. Do the math. Or, write some really good stuff yourself. Heck, write slash for all I care. Just keep the characters IN character.

      I personally have always favored a Jubilee/Wolverine pairing, because they're friends, not father/daughter. And anyone who's ever been on their own kinda slips past the age barrier. Add in the fact that Wolvie doesn't age, and they're equals. So just make her legal, and have a good time.
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