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4055Re: Logan? Marie?

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  • theconfoozledone
    Jan 18, 2002
      --- In xmenmoviefanfic@y..., "del_laskey" <rialiee@h...> wrote:
      > Out of curiousity, just how many people out there think these two
      > characters belong together? Because, seriously, I don't get it.
      > like, Wolverine and Jubilee, Comicverse.
      > It's like...ew. I suppose a few fics about it aren't that bad, but
      > it's pretty darn prevailant :) So. Opinions?

      I definitely think "eeewww" for this particular pairing, much as I do
      for Logan/Jubilee in comicverse, as you mentioned. I think I'm more
      sensitive to the "eewww" factor because I was a fan of the comics for
      SEVERAL years and Wolverine is definitely portrayed as a much older
      man than Jubilee and even Rogue (the last was not as clearly defined
      but I think I'm justified in the claim). And so, I think my opinion
      is definitely affected by my involvement in comic collection. But,
      even without the comics, the age difference in the movie characters
      while not as severe still seemed too big for my comfort zone. You
      had a definitely teenaged Rogue and a very late twenties to mid-
      thirties Logan, (my own personal guestimate and I would lean more
      toward the idea that he's supposed to be at least thirty). In my
      mind, that puts them in two different worlds, I don't buy a romance
      between them and I will not read fics featuring that romantic
      couple. Even were he supposed to be mid-twenties (which I do not
      believe), I'd still have a problem. A gap of more than five years
      stretches my imagination (I know it does happen in real life, but big
      gaps are less common and, the bigger the gap, the less common and the
      less likely I am to believe it in fic). So that's my view on the

      And, to be fair, I will admit to being a big Gambit fan. But I
      really don't think that affects my opinion of the pairing in and of
      itself. I don't like Wolverine/Jubilee pairings either and I have no
      vested interest in either character. I just don't buy the age
      difference. The age gap really hurts my ability to enjoy Logan/Rogue

      That's just my opinion however and I'm certainly not going to
      begrudge anyone their right to enjoy those stories. Opinions differ
      and everyone has a right to one, whether or not I agree. I happen to
      know for a fact that a lot of people detest Gambit and he's my
      favorite character. (Never did understand that but oh well <g>)

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