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4054It's not you, it's me...

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  • tosh
    Jan 17, 2002
      Hi everyone.

      Well, I think it's time for *me*, okay?

      hehehe. All kidding aside - I'm going to be incommunicado for a
      while whilst my mother upgrades this little purring carcas into a
      wild, roaring super-fast computer BEAST from HELL! WOO!

      Er... I'm a little excited. Anyways, I will be gone for a while,
      but I'll be back.

      Anyone that I've taken orders from, know that I've got the
      surgery paid for, so if you want to recind your orders, please
      contact me so I can strike you off my list. Jemstar - you guys
      can play Stormer as unconscious, but she's not badly hurt. She's
      just got a sore broken leg. Okays? Cool.

      Are we all groovy? Now, there's chicken in the fridge, you can
      use the warming oven, and my credit cards are in the drawer but
      *don't* use them! Gimme a kiss - give mommy a kiss! *mwah*!!

      Love you all.