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4045Fic: Next Stop, The Twilight Zone 2 (R)

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  • kittenrescue
    Jan 14, 2002
      Title: Next Stop, The Twilight Zone Chapter 2
      Disclaimers in part one.

      Rating: R, cause Logan's back and he's got a potty mouth. Also, there are references to Scott and Jean being intimate. See how nice I'm being to Jean - I'm even letting her get some *action*, and with *hottie* Scott no less.

      Author's notes: I actually went to the Discovery Channel website and did a little research for the shows that Jean and Scott mention in this chapter. You can't say I don't do my homework. J




      {{ Jean's POV }}

      There must be some unknown cosmic connection between man and machine, because Scott heard the familiar roar of his purloined motorcycle long before anyone else.

      "Logan's back," he announced casually.

      Rogue, who'd been playing foosball at the table just behind us, heard him, let out a small squeak and immediately abandoned St. John to dash off to the garage.

      "Guess we better go play welcoming committee," Scott grumbled as he moved to stand up.

      I grabbed hold of his shirt and tugged him back down onto the couch.

      "Give them a few minutes," I told him.

      "Oh, yeah, right," Scott replied in realization and settled himself back down, although I knew he was anxious to check over the condition of his precious bike.

      A few minutes later Logan entered the rec room with Rogue tucked under his arm. I smiled in amusement when I noticed a lipstick print on his cheek.

      "Hey," he said and tossed a set of keys to Scott.

      "Thanks for asking for permission," Scott said as he caught the keys and quickly shoved them in his pocket lest Logan change his mind and disappear with his *baby* again.

      I had a feeling that bike was going to be chained and tightly padlocked by this evening. Men.

      "How was your trip?" I asked, hoping to change the subject.

      "Big fucking waste of time," Logan replied with a huff.

      "I'm sorry to hear that," I replied.

      Logan had apparently had enough of the small talk because he turned to leave.

      "Come on, kiddo, help me get settled in," he addressed Rogue, who smiled up at him brightly.

      I saw the muscles in Scott's face twitch and I knew he was about to make a comment about Rogue going up to Logan's room, so I gently placed my hand on his arm and sent him a telepathic message.

      {{ Relax, honey, nothing's going to happen. Even Logan's not quite that crass. }}

      He didn't say anything, although from the way his jaw locked, I knew he still wanted to.

      Later I was taking some laundry up to our room when I found Scott pacing the hallway in front of Logan's room.

      "They've been in there over an hour. With the door shut!" he said, the agitation in his voice plainly evident.

      "Do you hear any moaning?" I asked trying to suppress the laughter.

      "Jean, don't even kid about that."

      "If you're so anxious to find out what's going on in there, why don't you just blast the door down," I suggested with a smirk.

      When Scott appeared to be contemplating doing just that, I grabbed his arm and dragged him toward our room.

      "Speaking of moaning," I said mischievously.

      Okay, so I know it was a sneaky way to distract Scott, but it's not like he complained. Later when we were basking in the afterglow he mentioned something about going to check on Rogue and moved to scoot off the bed. I pulled him back down and bought Rogue and Logan another hour of privacy.

      When Logan and Rogue were noticeably absent from dinner Scott imagined all kinds of scenarios that involved 'that bastard taking advantage of that sweet young girl', until 'Ro mentioned that they were innocently eating pizza in the den and watching hockey. And I thought the ruby quartz was a deep shade of red.

      After dinner I went to raid the freezer for some Haagan-Daz. Logan was just pulling a beer out of the fridge as I entered the kitchen. He looked me over briefly and I found myself mildly disappointed that his gaze wasn't more intense; that there wasn't even a flicker of lust.

      "Hey, Jeannie," he said.

      His voice was without a trace of the huskiness he'd always used when saying my name. He'd completely gotten over me and I admit that I was slightly insulted.

      "Hey, Logan," I replied, "So, I take it the trip up north was disappointing?"

      "Yeah. Gotta couple more places to check out. But ya know.whenever."

      Uh huh. There was no need to ask why he'd cut his fact-finding quest short, so I didn't bother. He had this slightly embarrassed look on his face and I realized he must've thought I was reading his thoughts. I was going to tell him that I didn't need to be telepathic to know the reason he was back, but bringing it out into the open would've just been awkward for both of us, so I took the coward's way out and said nothing. Instead, I just retrieved the ice cream carton from the freezer, a spoon from the silverware drawer and not bothering with a bowl, started to walk out of the kitchen.

      "Well, welcome back, Logan," I said as I left him standing there looking decidedly relieved that I hadn't initiated a big *discussion*.

      When I walked into our suite, Scott was flipping through the television channels and muttering something about having hundreds of channels on the satellite system and yet still having nothing decent to watch. He stopped on the Discovery Channel and I immediately grabbed the remote away from him and hit the search button again.

      "I am not being forced to watch another special on 'the ten smelliest animals of the world', 'the wonderful world of weasels' or 'the mating habits of the wrinkled-lipped bat', thank-you-very-much," I informed my darling fiancé.

      "Actually, it's the Pet Psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick," Scott replied, "Don't you want to learn how to communicate with animals?"

      "I have enough trouble trying to communicate with people, and besides we don't even have any pets," I said as I stopped on HBO - 'Sex and the City' was just starting.

      "We should get a puppy."

      "Scott, we can't even keep a plant alive in here," I reminded him as I gestured toward the pitiful fichus tree that only had three leaves left on it. Make that two I corrected, as I watched another leaf call it quits and drift to the floor.

      "Speaking of animals, have you had a chance to talk to Logan yet? Find out what his intentions are toward Rogue, apart from the obvious?" Scott asked as I sat down next to him.

      "Intentions?" I let out a small chuckle, "What is this the nineteenth century? No, I haven't asked him yet, but first thing tomorrow morning I'll sit him down in a chair, turn a big bright spotlight on him and interrogate him thoroughly."

      "Very funny. Are you gonna tell me that you're not concerned about *why* he came charging back here the minute he heard Rogue had her mutation under control?"

      "Of course I'm concerned, Scott, but I also think that Rogue is a big girl and is quite capable of dealing with Logan herself. Have a little faith in her."

      "She's had a crush on him since the minute they met and I'm afraid he'll take advantage of that fact, and then she'll find herself in a situation she's not ready to handle."

      "Logan may be many things, but dishonorable isn't one of them. I got the impression that he cares about her too much to ever do anything she wasn't ready for. If Charles and I can trust him, then you should, too."

      "Maybe I should go check on them," he said as he shifted to get up.

      I put the carton of ice cream down on the nightstand and pulled him toward me.

      "I can think of something a lot more fun for you to do," I said in my best sexy drawl.

      "Uh uh, you're not distracting me again," he replied unconvincingly.

      I unbuttoned my red silk blouse to reveal that I was wearing the little red lacy demi-bra that was his personal favorite. I slipped the blouse off and let it fall in a silky puddle around my waist. Then I reached up and pulled the clip out of my hair, letting it tumble down around my shoulders and gave my head a slight shake to achieve a tussled look I knew was damned sexy. I saw him lick his lips and I knew I had him.

      The melting ice cream, the television and playing 'morality police' all were quickly forgotten as he reached for me. Yeah, he was definitely on board with this whole *distraction* plan.


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