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3820Fic: Come to the castle, dark prince (NC-17)

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  • Sonia Roberts
    Nov 16 12:27 AM
      Title: Come to the castle, dark prince

      Author: Sonni (sonni@...)
      Genre: Steam/vignette

      Rating: NC17 (this is probably closer to a strong R but I thought NC-17 to be on the safe side)

      Pairing: Logan/Storm - who else?

      Setting: Post movieverse

      Author's Notes: The long awaited sequel to Bubbles. Lyrics are from "Throw Your Arms Around Me" by Hunters and Collectors and "Fever" by Peggy Lee.

      Summary: Fairytales are not always sugar and spice

      Disclaimer: The characters of X-Men belong to Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox Pictures. I'm only borrowing them and will return them in roughly the same condition in which I found them. As for making any money out of this - are you kidding?
      Archive: List archives and anyone who has my other stuff. Otherwise, just let me know.

      Feedback: Please?

      A soft mist fell on the grounds of Xavier's mansion, making the glassed in conservatory the perfect cocoon for a weather goddess who had something on her mind.

      Ororo relished days like this as they gave her time to think and the memories of last night gave her plenty to fill her mind with.

      The feel of Logan's hands on her skin, his tongue burning across her body generating heat wherever it trailed.

      Then there was the whole champagne thing. Oh Goddess, Logan must have had some divine inspiration for that one. What he did with the champagne rated as one of the most erotic experiences of Ororo's life.

      Why had he come to her room?

      If he had feelings for her why did he choose to come to her last night? He must have been under the influence of something or someone. A thought began tickling the back of her brain.

      Swinging her legs into a lotus position on the stone bench, Ororo closed her eyes and began to meditate, summoning the images of the ancient ones before her.

      "Yes, Ororo - the one they call Logan is your destiny and soul mate," the ancient ones intoned.

      Ro had never needed the wisdom of the ancients to work that one out. She wanted Logan and she wanted him bad. This feeling had burned its way through her system long before she and Logan had tangled between the sheets last night. The attraction was as timely as the lightning bolt seeking the lone tree in a field. So much for her theory of Logan thinking of her as one of the boys. She could have never responded to him as strongly as she had unless her heart and brain were becoming increasingly involved.

      Now the challenge was to let him know she had feelings for him that were just as strong. Heading back through the mansion, she overheard Rogue reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to a group of preschoolers.

      "Someone's been sleeping in my bed and here she is!" Rogue said in her best baby bears voice.

      Perfect - just perfect, Ro thought, wondering if Logan liked fairytales as much as she did. Of course the fairy tale she had in mind for her Wolverine was definitely not suitable for children.

      Then there was the matter of timing - for what she had in mind organising a seduction in the middle of a school full of children was not exactly easy but if she could knock Toad into the middle of New York Harbour with a simple lightning bolt, how hard could this be?

      The conservatorium had always been her sanctuary, now it would be her castle. A castle worthy of luring a prince and not just any prince - her dark prince with a growl to make a earthly goddess melt into immortality.

      As much as she hated interfering with the forces of nature, a little atmosphere was required for such an event. Darkness with brilliant light enveloped the mansion as the most powerful storm broke, lightning illuminated the conservatorium's rain streaked windows.

      The effect should have been eerie but to Ro it was the perfect bait to lure her Wolverine. .


      A powerful motorcycle ploughed through the rain. After what had been a memorable New Year's Eve the aftermath had left Logan following one instinct - flight.

      It was a little overwhelming to think what had been a purely physical attraction to begin with had hit him with such force.

      What had happened in Ororo's room?

      It was like he had been in a fistfight with destiny and had the crap beaten out of him.

      The only basis he had for any of these emotions was his fleeting feelings for Marie and this was far more powerful. It was a dangerous, heady mix of chemistry and emotion. Part of him knew they had to hasten slowly unless the whole thing exploded in their faces but the chemistry and growing bond between them was too irresistible to ignore.

      Logan's gut instinct had served him well, saving his life more than once. Now it was time for those same instincts to save his heart.

      The motorcycle skidded as he swung it around, heading back towards Professor Xavier's mansion and the only place in Logan's life he called home. The rain stung his face like needles, reducing visibility to all but a small patch of road in front of him. It didn't matter. He knew what he wanted and he didn't need the ramblings of ancient gods to sort it out for him.

      Logan wanted his weather goddess.


      I will come for you at nighttime

      I will raise you from your sleep

      I will kiss you in four places

      I'll go running along your street

      I will squeeze the life out of you

      You will make me laugh and make me cry

      We will never forget it

      You will make me call your name and I'll shout it to the blue summer sky


      He returned to his room at the mansion, wanting nothing more than to chill and process what had so far been an amazing emotional journey.

      He had a snowball's chance in hell of that.

      Logan's room was in darkness all bar a lit hurricane lamp on his bedside table. The soft glow fell upon a leather-bound book. On the cover was an embossed castle and the title "Cinderella"

      "What the fuck?" Logan muttered as he opened the book, wondering what happened to his Playboy and Victoria's Secret catalogues that had been on the table.

      There was no tale of a chick in a glass slipper and some fairy godmother sending her off to be the belle of the ball. There was a note and what a note. It held the promise of a dark and decadent night.

      "Dear Dark Prince, Come to my castle. Your Princess"

      Logan recognised the flowing script and knew where to find his princess. She would be in her castle.


      Ro reclined and stretched like a giant cat on the chaise lounge, enjoying the feel of the long velvet cloak beneath her. The lightning illuminated her naked body. Rain still streamed down the windows. The electricity in her veins was reflected in the glow of nature's fury outside.

      She felt Logan before she saw him. The increased heat coursing through her told her that Wolverine was nearby. The coral pink rosebud he was trailing across her breasts causing her nipples to tighten and pucker was also a dead giveaway. Storm opened her eyes and looked into the face of her Wolverine. His eyes were almost black with passion.

      Their gazes held, with their minds saying everything they didn't dare vocalise just yet.

      One of his claws popped out and he gently skated the admantium point across Ro's breasts, stomach and hipbone, causing her to gasp. The faint air of danger mixed with the overwhelming sensuality of the man was enough to make her spontaneously combust.

      His tongue started to tease and tickle her nipples. Ro had never really considered her breasts to be particularly sensitive until Logan's tongue unleashed a decadent brand of magic.

      "Did I tell you how much I love a silken nipple?" Logan murmured.

      Ro could only moan with passion.


      Never know how much I love you

      Never know how much I care

      When you put your arms around me

      I get a fever that's so hard to bare


      As much as Ro enjoyed letting Logan take the lead, tonight was the night she was to claim her man. Taking advantage of a momentary lapse in Logan's concentration, she dragged him under her straddling his lean hips.

      She started sliding up and down his body, her pubic hair brushing the width of his cock. His hips strained towards her, wanting to bury himself inside her tight warmth and explode into a million pieces. Each time Logan's hips came near her, she deftly avoided him - delaying their ultimate joining. Ro could tell by the expression on Logan's face, he was enjoying this brand of sensual torture.

      Sliding down his body, Ro took Logan's balls into her mouth and began to suck gently. Wolverine's whimpers and moans of pleasure made Ororo Monroe feel even more like the total goddess she was. Supremely powerful and as sensual all hell.

      "Don't tease me like that woman . . .get up here . . .NOW," Logan growled as he brought Ro up to look into his eyes. The dark shadows of their passion had been softened by gentler emotions.

      Muttering something about finishing this the traditional way, Ro found herself pinned under Logan's muscular frame and her legs around his waist. She was tempted to wrap her legs around his neck, but they had all night. Logan entered her and Ro could feel herself stretching as he joined their bodies. His cock filled every inch of her and all her nerve endings had zeroed in on one thing.

      Finishing this incredible emotional and physical journey. The storm inside began to mirror the one still raging around the mansion. The crack of the lightning and distant thunder echoed the moans, gasps and cries from Ororo and Logan. Soon all that was heard was the rain against the glass of the conservatory.

      Holding her in his arms, Logan wrapped both of them inside Ro's cloak and pulled her a little closer.


      You give me fever

      When you kiss me

      Fever when you hold me tight

      Fever in the morning

      Fever all through the night


      "I was going to bring champagne but I don't think we would have needed it," Logan murmured.

      "I love you," Ro looked into the eyes that saw beyond the warrior goddess and through to the reserved, articulate caring woman beneath.

      "That's pretty handy Ro, because I love you too," Logan growled in her ear as his hands started stroking Ro's hipbone and moving down her body. She started to purr.

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