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3806Greetings and and a challenge

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    Nov 13, 2001
      Greetings ,

      I have been on the list for a while but real -life has kept me lurking
      until now so I thought I say hello and throw out a challenge that popped
      into my head as I read the Unspoken series and few other fics on the

      Challenge--- Through The Looking Glass
      Pairings--- S/R L/J

      Rating--- PG-13 to NC-17


      1. Logan and Rogue are engaged.

      2. Scott and Jean are new at the mansion.
      3. Jean and Scott are not a couple. But they do share a telepathic bond
      totally a brother/sister relationship .

      4. A jealous Logan.

      5. Scott isn't as uptight and all controlling remember he doesn't lead
      the X-Men .

      6. Scott has his glasses but not the battle visor

      7. Rogue and Scott's powers cancel each other out so they can touch.

      8. A Scott Logan fight were Logan starts it but Scott finishes it.

      9. A Scott/Rogue love scene.

      10. The Line " I love who I love and refuse to be with some one who
      doesn't trust me or I can't trust. Didn't know I saw that kiss did you?
      " must be in the story some where

      I have seen other variations of the new pair at mansion but never this

      The gauntlet has been dropped any takers