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3788Okay... I'm going to like - break something here...

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  • tosh
    Nov 7, 2001
      Stupid email stupid email! (frazzled Nacey)
      Hi guys!

      Recently, I have had tosh@... as my reply-to address.
      Don't ask me *why*, because this address doesn't exist! I don't
      have that address at all! <:)

      So, if you've sent me mail over the past week or so, could you
      kindly forward it to tosh@... which is my always
      always address? Pwease? I'd love to know if anyone had sent me
      emails! I love email! *bats eyelashes*


      Lifelong member of PETS:
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott [Summers]
      "If Logan & Rogue were supposed to be sibling-like,
      then Hugh and Anna didn't get the friggin' memo..."
      "There are moments in life when I wish there was an undo button."