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3639[off-topic] re: Fine Arts Strikes Again

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  • KC Solano
    Oct 6, 2001
      Just a short little *ping* to remind anyone who's still interested in
      participating in my project neds to have their phrases in by Oct 14. Do at
      least 3, description must be 10+ words, etc, etc. And here are the phrases

      1. stuff down the space between emptiness
      2. something hated & fading away
      3. lesser concerns
      4. living by numbers
      5. eyes for eyes stripped of sense
      6. mystic orbs stealing gravity from the withering ground
      7. staring at myself & falling apart too soon
      8. moronic misfire
      9. pixels shifting around the world
      10. public enemy
      11. a unique square
      12. tech overload
      13. time rapes a year's supply of fairy cakes
      14. a yummy apology
      15. do not eat this
      16. something ugly this way comes
      17. stream of time
      18. baptized in fluorescent light
      19. hiding underneath your skin

      Thanks buckets!

      p.s. to anyone who I actually know in RL, I *will* be tracking you down. be
      afraid... be very afraid *G*
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      Goliath: I never realized when you were human just how beautiful you were.
      Elisa (with a smile): You mean you thought I was ugly?
      Goliath: Uh... careful! Updraft!!
      ~Gargoyles: The Mirror

      Methos: It's got such a nice ring to it. Yeah, no more fighting, no more
      killing. Peace and harmony. Don't tell me you never fantasized about that?
      Some young sucker's always gonna fall for it.
      Duncan: Richie has.
      Methos: Voil´┐Ż.
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