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3479Checking in and Condolences

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  • Emy & Tanya
    Sep 11 4:07 PM
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      This is Tanya. I am just posting in response for a role call on most of the list I belong to. For those list that I mod on or own, here is my request for a roll call from you. I am in Canada, and a short drive from NY. I found out about this whole thing today at work. You see I do tech support for numerous ISPs and I had a caller call in wanting to know that the mail was down. He was practically begging me to tell him that the reason his wife hadn't replied to him was because the mail wasn't working and not because the building she worked in had just got hit by a plane. She worked in an office in WTC and I spent an hour talking to him, trying to say something, anything that might help. Finally the only hope I could give him was that the phone lines were most likely down in the area so that could be the reason.

      And then there was a woman who called in because she couldn't get to a news site to find out if the flight her son was on was one of the planes that went down. I managed to find out that the plane #s that were being reported didn't match her son's flight and to be safe gave her the contact # that I found on a web site.

      But the most noticable part of this whole thing in the office was that there were no calls from one ISP at all. Their main office is across the street and we still didn't know anything when I left. It makes you stop and look around. Like one guy said today, those people that died today were just going to work...probably complaining about their job just like we do, never knowing that this was the last day they would have with their family.

      The first thing I did when I got home was give my sister a big hug and tell her how much I love her. Because you just never know when you won't get that chance again.

      This is Tanya, saying that my prayers are with you and I hope that this day wasn't one of those days for you.

      Members of FeelTheLove, HereOnEarth, StakeandFangs, Carzy-Roswell-Romances and MaxandTess list please roll call.

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