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3423FIC: Southern Wishes

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Sep 3, 2001
      Title: Southern Wishes

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Distribution: WRFA, XMFFC, Mutual Admiration, Logan�sMarie, others please

      Rating PG-12? There�s nothing terribly upsetting in this one.

      Disclaimer: If I owned them, do you really think I would have ended the
      movie the way it ended?

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue

      Summary: Uh, stuff happens, then things progress.

      Category: Light and Fluffy Angst, sort of, but I�m not really the best judge
      of that now am I?

      Author�s Notes: Inspired by the U2 song �Heartland.� On a side note, I
      think everyone and their dog should pick up a copy of �Rattle and Hum�.

      See the sun rise over her skin
      Don�t change it
      See the sunrise on her skin
      Dawn changes everything

      And the delta burns bright and violet

      Logan rose in the early morning light, subdued and unlike his generally
      grumpy self. Naturally it all figured, on why he was up so early and who it
      was for-Marie. A ghost of a smile flitted across his face as he recognized
      that she still had enough influence over him to drive him from his bed at 6
      He donned his dark apparel and walked out in the hall to meet the rest of
      the X-geeks as he so kindly refereed to them. He was thankful for their
      support and help, moving shit halfway across the country was hard to do by
      yourself. He silently thanked Marie for having the foresight to insist that
      she and Logan have the house built months before they planned to move.
      Logan twisted the metal band on his finger and sighed in resignation. That
      woman could get him to do anything; it didn�t matter how far away she was.
      The Wolverine had long ago been tamed by the untouchable girl.

      Mississippi and the cotton wool heat
      Sixty-six the highway speaks
      Of deserts dry, of cool green valleys
      Gold and silver veins-shining cities

      The flight up had been without incident. Loading the Blackbird with
      various pieces of furniture had been interesting, and an experience neither
      Scott nor Logan wanted to repeat again. As expensive and equipped the
      machine was it sucked as a cargo plane.
      Unloading had been a lot easier, and thankfully they were finished by the
      time the Mississippi humidity kicked in. Marie had repeatedly warned Logan
      about that. He recalled her explaining it as walking into a well-steamed
      sauna. Not that he really remembered what a sauna was, but he figured in
      time he�d discover what she meant.

      In this heartland
      In this heartland
      In this heartland
      Heaven knows this is a heartland

      Marie had always wanted to return to Mississippi, just not to Meridian.
      She had been so happy when Logan agreed to move there shortly after they
      became engaged. Hell, he would have volunteered to live on the moon if it
      would have made her happy. Logan recalled she�d immediately began searching
      for property and finally found a place thirty miles outside the town of
      Glendive. They bought it up, and Marie moved on to planning the
      architecture of the house.
      It had taken a little over 18 months to build the house, but Marie had been
      so excited about it. The house was finished a month after the wedding.
      They were supposed to move into their dream home immediately following their
      return from honeymooning in Scotland. Of course, fate had other plans.

      See the sun rise over her skin

      She feels like water in my hand
      Freeway like a river cuts through this land
      Into the side of love like a burning spear
      And the poison rain brings a flood of fear
      Through the ghoastranch hills, Death Valley waters
      In the towers of steel belief goes on and on

      Friends of Humanity terrorists became increasingly violent in the spring of
      that year. Attack after attack was made and the X-Men showed at every
      conflict. The list of casualties on both sides was staggering. Kitty
      Pyrde, Bobby Drake, and Remy LeBeau had all fallen in the line of duty. The
      mansion still felt the loss of those irreplaceable and well loved team
      Then Jubilee had been taken and held hostage. The team had launched a plan
      of attack that was dangerous, but was the most sure-fire way to get the
      resident firecracker back. Unfortunately, it had cost them another
      well-loved and indispensable teammate.

      In this heartland
      In this heartland
      In this heartland
      Heaven knows this is a heartland
      Hear land

      Scott Summers said his farewell and lifted off with the now empty
      Blackbird. Meanwhile Logan walked down the shaded path to the gated area of
      the backyard. Southern through and through, Marie had vocalized her wish to
      be lain to rest in the backyard of her family property.
      Never one to deny his wife anything, Logan had made the arrangements he.
      So here he was a beautiful new house, and the person he was meant to share
      it with resided 1/8th of a mile from the master bedroom. Fate had an ironic
      sense of humor.
      He sat in front of her headstone and began talking to her. He told her
      about the laundry chute, and the walk-in closet. He chatted earnestly about
      the townsfolk and told her how much she would have loved it. He talked
      until his voice grew horse and the sun was gone from the sky.
      Logan pulled himself from the cold ground and slowly walked back to his
      empty house. The Wolverine was alone once again.


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