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3390fic:thoughts of the rogue

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  • becky lee
    Aug 28 10:31 AM
      hey people
      a sorta sequel/partner fic for thoughts of the wolverine

      Title; Thoughts of the Rogue
      Author; Becky
      Rating; PG13 sex/language
      Summary; Marie writes her thoughts about Logan
      Disclaimer; I do not own them, they belong to Marvel
      Notes; Partner and sequel piece to 'Thoughts of the Wolverine' by moi.
      Inspired by the sexiest song ever, Madonna's 'Justify My Love', relevant
      lyrics are included.


      You put this in me
      So now what, so now what?

      Wanting, needing, waiting
      For you, to justify my love
      Hoping, praying
      For you to justify my love

      I want to know you
      Not like that
      I don't wanna be your mother
      I don't wanna be your sister either
      I just wanna be your lover
      I wanna be your baby
      Kiss me, that's right, kiss me

      What are you gonna do?
      What are you gonna do?
      Talk to me
      Tell me your dreams
      Am I in them?
      Tell me your fears
      Are you scared?
      Tell me your stories
      We can fly

      I'm open and ready
      For you
      To justify my love


      I do not understand men. Especially Logan.

      Do you have to hit a man over the head with a sledgehammer to get a reaction
      for cryin' out loud? I know he wants me but if I waited for him to make a
      move I'd be wearin' false teeth and using a walking' stick before anything
      happened. The man is drivin' me insane!

      But then again, a hand job in the rec. room might have been pushin' it a
      little too far. I couldn't help it, really I couldn't! He was just sittin'
      there lookin' so yummy and I was all comfortable under that big blanket,
      snuggled up to his warm, hard body. I just thank God I held back the drool.
      And I know he enjoyed it, he had this sly grin on his face all night, like
      someone who knows something you don't, like the cat that got the cream. He
      carried me to my room because I faked bein' asleep so I could nuzzle into
      him on the couch, and he laid me down on my bed and wrapped me up and he
      kissed me goodnight! Not the usual kiss on the top of my head or even the
      peck on the cheek like on my birthday but a proper kiss on the lips! He
      tangled his fingers in my hair and kissed me with hot, bare lips. It was
      quick, granted, because of my powers, but hell, I could tell he was nervous
      about doin' it because I could hear him breathin' real unsteady, like it was
      some huge thing for him. But that was last night and I haven't seen him yet.
      I know it could be weird between us now but I know deep inside that he
      wants me. Logan's the only one who ever touches me and who I'll ever want to
      touch me. He looks at me sometimes, like the other week at breakfast when I
      sat opposite him, with those big, hazel eyes, giving off waves of desire. I
      damn near threw myself across the table and into his lap. I really am
      beginnin' to those any self-control I once had.

      He watches me pretty much all the time anyway. I pretended not to notice for
      a while, tellin' myself it was just part of his promise to look out for and
      that he saw me as a sister and nothin' more, but when he looks at me like
      that, I can't tell myself he's my brother. I don't need a brother, I want a
      lover and I want that lover to be Logan.

      I have to admit, I have definitely not been subtle with him lately, givin'
      off every invitational signal, spendin' time alone with him and flirtin'
      like a pro. Hell, I've been so obvious, I might as well have been traipsin'
      up and down the mansion corridors in a sandwich board sayin' "I love you,
      Logan! Jump me please!" and ringin' my bell! I mean, we were almost dry
      humpin', wrestling and pinning each other to the floor in trainin' and he
      practically groped me the other day, when he was ticklin' me while we were
      rolling around on his bed.

      And if he didn't get the message last night when I gave him that hand job,
      in front of everyone none the less, then I don't know what I'm gonna have to
      do next! Maybe I shouldn't of done it and maybe I'm just makin' a complete
      ass of myself, but I know in my heart that he's worth the all the trouble
      and embarrassment.

      I do not understand men. Especially Logan. But now the ball's in his court,
      I'll just have wait and see what he does next.

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