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3307FIC: Face the Morning (4/6)

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    Aug 13, 2001
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      NOTES: This is all based on an IM between me and JenN. God bless IM (and
      JenN too)!

      Part 4:
      She scooted over to make room for him at the end of the dock. They
      dangled their
      feet in the water for a long time before Bobby spoke.
      “You were right you know, about having to face everything and accept it.”
      “I know. That’s why I’m not up there,” Kitty gestured to the top of
      the hill where the
      mansion sat and one room glowed brightly. The music of the party almost
      Bobby and Kitty. “That, and this intense desire to be as far from Scott as
      “I resent him. He got to be free. I got trapped. I know he wants to
      talk to me, and I,
      we aren’t alike anymore, the bond between me and Scott is shattered.”
      “I should be happy about that. I don’t know why Scott’s return is such
      a problem
      for me. It’s over, done. I’m getting married in two days,” Bobby sighed.
      “It is over.”
      Bobby smacked the deck in frustration. “I just don’t understand!”
      “What’s left to understand?” Kitty asked with surprise.
      “Everything…how you justified it.” Bobby clarified.
      “We didn’t really. Everything was so…hazy, I guess. We were depressed,
      depressed. It wasn’t merely a having-a-bad-day kinda feeling. It was just
      coincidence that we were feeling the same way at the same time.” Kitty
      “A bizarre coincidence that helped to ruin my life,” Bobby said
      “Now you’re being melodramatic, and you know it.”
      “Fine. Go back to justifying,” Bobby requested.
      “I wasn’t justifying! That was the whole point, we didn’t justify. We
      knew what we’d
      done wasn’t right, but I don’t think either of us ever saw it as truly
      wrong until after
      Scott left,” Kitty told him.
      “Why did you not see cheating on me as wrong?!” Bobby wasn’t angry,
      “Because I wasn’t thinking of it as cheating. I still loved you. I
      didn’t love Scott.
      The sex was just…oh, I don’t know, I means to an end. After that Scott and I
      had a
      bond, and being together eased our depression. Does that make any sense?”
      “Not really, but I can kinda see how it made sense to you guys. Okay, so
      why did
      you take so long to realize that you guys really had done something wrong?”
      “Because, and here’s the main point, it was never about sex, or love,
      or cheating.
      We just needed a friend. We kept waiting for you guys or the Professor to
      give us a
      chance to explain. We were hurting and you guys wouldn’t see that. And
      yeah, it was wrong. But I don’t know what I’d do differently, if I could.”
      “You’d still go to Scott?” Bobby asked.
      “That’s the other thing. I didn’t go to Scott. We just kinda bumped
      into each other,”
      Kitty told him.
      “Fine. But you didn’t answer my question, would you still have gone to
      Bobby asked a little more insistently.
      “In a perfect world, no. I would’ve gone to you, told you how I felt,
      asked you to help
      me,” Kitty told him, shivering slightly at the night breeze. She looked at
      Bobby sadly,
      thinking about all the what-ifs that could have kept them together. She
      turned and
      studied the water. “You should probably go, I’m sure your fiancée is waiting
      for you.”
      “Kitty…” Bobby said as he stood hesitantly.
      “Don’t stay out here too long. It’s getting cold.”
      “Bobby, you don’t have to protect me from the dark. I can do that, I’ve
      been doing
      that for almost two years,” Kitty smiled sadly as she watched her friend’s

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