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3266OT: Fanfic Contest Announcement

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  • My Destiny Fiction
    Aug 5, 2001
      Hello Everyone.

      I run a website called Wolverine X-Fiction. In hopes of fostering a
      stronger sense of community within the X-Men fandom, WXF is sponsoring a fan
      fiction contest. I'm hoping that lots of people will participate. And, if
      not, that they'll take a moment to help get the word out.

      The contest is called 'The X2 Fan Fiction Contest'. The basic premise is to
      write a version of the X2 film. This could happen in the form of a poem,
      short story or epic. It's all up to the author. Because this is asking for
      so much work from the authors, WXF is offering prizes to the winners. These
      will be announced in detail later in the month. However, I can say right
      now that a Near Mint copy of Wolverine #1 will be up for grabs.

      The entry period for the contest began on the 1st of August and will end on
      the 1st of November.

      To read more about the contest or to find contest ad graphics, please visit
      the official contest page:


      Thank you for your time; please feel free to forward this email along to
      anyone who might be interested.

      Webmistress, Wolverine X-Fiction

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