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3215FIC: An AU!Fic (NC-17)[L/R] Part 10/11

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  • Elisabeth A Shanley
    Jul 18 9:15 PM
      XXX Mansion 10/11
      See part 0 for disclaimers, etc


      Surprisingly, Logan and Marie didn't take long to come down to the
      set. The first part of the scene would be filmed outside, where an arena
      of sorts had been set up. The second half of the scene was being filmed in
      the ballroom. The room's high ceiling and dome filled the room with
      natural light, making the marble columns gleam. Hanging long fabric
      banners from the ceiling, which also helped to disguise the modern elements
      of the room's design, had created an ancient Roman flare. Everyone had
      been pleased by the set, knowing it would be easily be mistaken by the
      average porn consumer as being of ancient Rome. A huge bed and a large
      cage metal cage, the bars painted gold, took up more than half the space in
      the room.

      The movie was a take-off on the popular movie of a number of years ago,
      'Gladiator'. Logan was playing the title character, the gladiator,
      Maximus. The plot centered on Maximus, whose former lover, Drucilla, had
      gotten him in trouble. After leaving her, he had developed an interest in
      a young woman, Sexta, who was staying in the home of some mutual
      friends. In a fit of jealousy, Drucilla had complained to her new beau,
      who then had Maximus kidnapped and sold into slavery. When Drucilla found
      out, she tried to help him, and knowing that the Emperor was the only
      person who could free him from slavery, she had him brought to fight before
      him. If the Gladiator won the fight, he would be given to the Emperor's
      Examiner, who would test him for his worthiness to be heir to the Empire.

      Hank had looked a little nervous when he returned from their suite and had
      mentioned in passing to Jubilee that he would be thankful if he survived
      the shoot. Jubilee, not one to misinterpret such statements, had figured
      out exactly what Logan and Marie were up to, even before they entered the
      ballroom. Jubilee elbowed Remy, who was also in the scene, and pointed at
      the other couple, as they entered through the 'Roman Arch'.

      "Look at that. I told you. It's luuuuuuvvvvvv," she chortled.

      Remy looked over and saw Wolverine… Logan staring at them, his brow
      furrowed. "Chere, I think you best not be talkin' about such things." He
      glanced up to see Hank edging cautiously toward the couple. "Especially
      when he can be hearing you."

      Jubilee looked up to see Logan still staring at them. "Whoops," she said
      unapologetically, waving cheerfully to Logan.

      Logan turned back to Hank, who was reassuring Marie. "Don't worry, my
      dear, we will just shoot this as one scene to edit later," Hank's sharp
      teeth stood out against his furry blue skin as he smiled widely. "You and
      Logan just follow the script and work on satisfying each other, and
      everything will be magnificent. Just forget the cameras and have
      fun." His director's words of wisdom delivered, Hank left Logan and Marie,
      thankful that he seemed to be forgiven. Calling to Remy, he told him to
      join Logan in make-up. Sylvia was already putting a black wig on Logan, a
      short cap of fine black hair. Logan's wig pinned firmly; she turned to
      Remy, attaching a blonde wig to his head.

      Logan was watching in the mirror as Jubilee walked over to Marie and
      whispered in her ear. He frowned, the noise in the rest of the room
      preventing him from hearing everything they said. He got the gist of the
      conversation when the two women came over to where he and Remy sat and
      Marie climbed into his lap, while Jubilee did the same to Remy.

      Making sure to protect his erect penis from any unintentional harm, for she
      knew who the true star of this flick was, Marie's hand slid under his black
      silk robe to fondle and stroke him. The shaving and wig wasn't much of a
      disguise, but Marie knew that most people would never associate the bearded
      Logan with this sleek creature. While Marie continued to keep Logan
      aroused with her skilled hands, Sylvia made sure Marie's wig was still
      pinned properly. After letting Marie give Logan one last kiss on the lips,
      the make-up woman applied a final coat of lipstick to Marie's lips,
      muttering at their kiss-swollen state. Sylvia disappeared for a few
      minutes to return with their costumes.

      Logan and Remy's were simple. A shield and a realistic looking plastic
      sword, a packet of fake blood hidden in the hilt. Logan blinked in
      resignation as Sylvia handed him his shield. Sighing, he looked at Remy,
      who had the same incredulous expression on his face.

      "You gonna be sure to watch where you be swingin' that sword, oui, homme?"

      "Just watch yourself there, Gumbo. I don't want to run a test on growing
      back important pieces," Logan replied.

      Hank returned, calling for Logan and Remy to follow him out to the
      set. Pushing Marie off his lap, Logan got up out of the chair and taking
      off his robe, tossed it onto the chair. Marie and Jubilee watched as Logan
      and Remy left the room, on their way to the set where the fight scene would
      be filmed, their tightly muscled, well-oiled bodies gleaming in the
      lights. Marie sighed as Logan disappeared out the door.

      Jubilee turned to Marie, a lustful smirk on her face. "Get into your
      costume, we can go watch."

      Sylvia helped Marie into her costume, a sheer white stola, the sides cut
      all the way up to her hips and a neckline that went down to her waist,
      creating a deep V of exposed flesh. It was held together with a fabric
      belt in a deep purple. The wig of tight curls in place, Marie slipped on a
      pair of sandals, and she and Jubilee crept silently out to the patio, where
      the arena set had been built.

      Wolverine and Gambit were in the middle of a round fenced off arena,
      lunging and feinting at one another with the plastic swords, defending
      themselves with the shields. Xavier and Storm sat on a dais watching the
      gladiators as Storm fed Charlie peeled grapes. Marie shushed Jubilee as
      she doubled over with repressed laughter at the sight. They both winced as
      Gambit's sword hit home and the blood pack in the sword squirted a line of
      red onto Wolverine's arm. That was the crossover to the next scene, and
      Wolverine lunged past Gambit's sword, plunging his sword into his
      opponent's chest, the blade retracting up into the hilt, breaking the blood
      packet. The Cajun took one last gasp, his chest a gory mess, and fell, his
      shield falling on top of him, covering the wound as the blood packet emptied.

      Marie stared as Wolverine stood over his defeated enemy, his chest
      heaving. He threw the shield away and stood proudly nude in front of
      Xavier's Emperor Principus Priapicus. Sweat was coursing down his neck and
      over his chest, his manhood hanging heavily erect. He cracked his neck,
      and Marie barely restrained herself from throwing him down on that sandy
      arena floor and having her way with him. She took a deep, steadying
      breath. She would have her chance to do just that soon enough.

      "You have won the day, Centurion Maximus Erectus," Xavier intoned
      imperiously. "You have defeated Malus, and have won the right to take the
      test of the Golden Cage. If you pass the test, you will be the next in
      line for my throne." Wolverine inclined his head respectfully, and Iceman
      and Pyro came over and stood on either side of him, dressed in brief togas
      with hems that ended just an inch short of respectability. Iceman
      blindfolded Wolverine, then after saluting the Emperor they all started
      back into the mansion, toward the set with the golden cage.

      Marie ran back into the ballroom, Jubilee staying to help Remy clean up
      after his maiming. Climbing onto the bed, she adopted the seductive pose
      the camera would first see her in. Taking a deep breath, she tried to
      relax, feeling a pleasant buzz when the boys came in, escorting
      Wolverine. Following Hank's advice, she tried to ignore the cameras,
      instead thinking about Wolverine, who stood before her sweaty, erect, and
      still blindfolded. She nodded to the guards and inclined her head in the
      direction of the cage. She gave no indication of the excitement flowing
      through her. Never looking away from the three men, she strove to look
      bored as the captive was chained to her golden cage.

      When they were finished shackling his wrists to the bars, leaving his arms
      only a few inches of slack to move from their upright position against the
      bars, they left him, leaving the cage door open. Giving Rogue a nodding
      salute, they left her alone in the room with her captive. When the door
      closed she got off the bed and began walking around the cage, watching in
      appreciation as the rivulets of sweat dried on his skin.

      When she opened the cage door, he started, trying to see through the
      blindfold over his eyes. "Who is there?"

      Leaning against the side of the cage she whispered softly, "Your examiner,

      He grunted and ignored her, exuding resentment and discomfort. Rogue moved
      closer to him, remaining just out of reach, but close enough that the hem
      of her long stola brushed against his leg. He reacted, lurching forward,
      but she was quicker than he was, moving out of his grasp easily.

      "Maximus, you don't want to do it like that. If you would just calm
      yourself, this will be much easier. If you are agreeable, you will be much
      more satisfied at the results."

      The set of his chin told her he was glaring at her, even if she couldn't
      see his eyes through the blindfold. He leaned back, resting against the
      golden bars. Rogue returned to his side, then stood over him, one leg on
      either side of his knees. Kneeling, she sat astride his lap. "You see,
      Maximus, you have nothing to fear from me," she assured him.

      "I beg to differ, lady. You have me at a disadvantage."

      She smiled slowly and started to rock, her pelvis on his, his penis wedged
      to his abdomen by the pressure of her body. "We will see, Maximus. We
      will see."

      He couldn't help the moan that fell from his lips, and Rogue smiled. He
      had been ready an hour ago; she knew that even Wolverine's prowess must be
      at the breaking point. Her lips starting on his cheeks, just under the
      blindfold, she began to kiss him, moving down his body ever so slowly,
      still grinding onto his erection. Continuing her explorations, Rogue
      licked her way down his chest, never letting him rest for a moment.


      "Shhhhh." She kissed his lips, her hands stroking down his face, a
      reassuring touch for the blindfolded gladiator.

      Lifting her lips from his, she stood and untied the purple sash that held
      her stola together. Letting the garment fall, Rogue knew that the camera
      was eating it up, even if Wolverine couldn't see it. Kicking the linen
      across the cage, she returned to Wolverine, kneeling at his feet, pulling
      his legs open, crawling between them.

      He started when she touched his ankle, a quiver shooting through him as she
      traced up the muscled calf and thigh. Tossing her hair back over one
      shoulder, giving the camera a clean angle, she took his aching hardness
      deep into her mouth. He groaned as she closed her lips, sucking him from
      root to tip as she moved backwards. With only the head still in her warm
      mouth, her tongue swirling around it, he reacted, thrusting upward, and she
      let him fall free. Down once again, she angled herself under him and
      licked from the underside to the head, licking off the pearl of pre-cum
      that she had enticed.

      "Lady…" he said again, fidgeting against the chains that held his hands up
      against the bars.

      She said nothing, instead simply adjusted their positions, taking him
      within her, slowly, inch by inch. When he was completely sheathed, she
      stilled, letting her body adjust to him. She felt him deep inside, the
      intimate stretching causing her heart to race. Rogue let her hands move
      into his, still chained to the bars, and used his firm grasp for leverage
      as she moved up and down upon him.

      Wolverine existed in the forced darkness behind the blindfold, his other
      senses picking up the slack. Her scent was driving him mad, combining with
      the sensation of her wet channel tightening around him as she moved upon
      him. Holding her hands tightly in his, he bucked his hips up, and was
      rewarded with a sigh and a clench of rippling inner muscles, pulling his
      cock deeper. A leg went around him, settling her tightly upon him.

      "Deeper, Maximus. Deeper…" Rogue moaned. She leaned back; knowing the
      camera needed a view of the connection of their bodies. Her arms were
      completely extended, her fingers intertwined with his as she continued to
      pulse around him.

      They started to moan together, the words yes, more, and deeper becoming a
      litany, Rogue's voice becoming higher and higher, his becoming
      deeper. Rogue was beginning to pant; Wolverine was ready, he had been
      ready for an hour, and he needed release, badly. Grasping her hands firmly
      in his, he pulled her back toward him, letting one hand go as her breasts
      crushed into his chest. She twisted herself around him, one arm going
      around his neck and as he thrust upward, striking as deeply as he could,
      their lips meeting in a smoldering kiss. All rhythm lost, Wolverine came
      hard and deep, Rogue pulsing around him, forcing him to surrender completely.

      It took some time for their breathing to return to normal, for their hearts
      to stop pounding as the sweat dried on their skin. Finally lifting her
      head from his shoulder, placing a kiss on his throat, Rogue used her free
      hand to remove the blindfold.


      She nodded. "Yes, Maximus Erectus."

      Wolverine raised an eyebrow at her. " Sexta."

      She nodded, gasping when he started to thrust against her again.

      "You look as good as you feel, Sexta," he murmured into her hair. "But I
      think we should continue this examination somewhere else." At her shocked
      look, he only smiled tightly, then extended the claws on one hand and
      flicked back, cutting through the bars. Leaving the manacle still around
      his wrist he used the claw to free his other wrist, his hand still holding

      Rogue moved slightly, wrapping her legs around his hips. He let go of her
      hand and she wrapped her arms around his neck, already starting to flex
      those strong inner muscles on his manhood, which continued to expand and
      fill her. Standing, his lover wrapped around him, Wolverine looked over
      at the large bed across from the cage.

      Kicking the door of the cage open, Wolverine headed toward the silk covered
      bed. Once there, he let her fall to the mattress, following her down,
      never breaking their intimate connection. Her nails bit harder in to the
      muscles of his shoulders as he suckled her nipples gently. She continued
      to pet him, stroking his back, moving down to cup his ass, trying to pull
      him deeper as he continued to tease her with shallow thrusts.

      "Maximus," Rogue cried, her legs squeezing him tightly as she tightened her
      inner muscles, her breast slipping from his mouth as he struggled for
      breath. Knowing that they needed to get the shot, needed to make this
      count, Wolverine began thrusting harder, slanting to put enough pressure on
      her clitoris. They were both moaning and saying nonsense things, pleading
      for more.

      Rogue's world was down to the places on her body where he was touching her,
      the feeling of his skin against hers, his body deep inside, his lips and
      tongue tormenting her. She whimpered as he thrust against her slick heat,
      forcing her higher, her blood pounding in her ears as his pubic bone
      pressed against her clit, forcing a hoarse scream from her throat.

      Her hands were everywhere and he could feel her tensing, feel the slow burn
      starting to rage out of control. He kept moving until she screamed,
      "Maximus!" And he could feel the explosion within her, the feeling of her
      wet channel against him, milking him finally too much. He exploded inside
      her, the name "Sexta," a groan as he fell on her, held tightly in her arms,
      his body around and in her completely.

      Rogue opened an eye as Hank yelled, "Cut!" to finish the scene. They lay,
      panting, stray aftershocks still tingling through them. Breath finally
      caught, and with a wink, Wolverine rolled out and off of her, grabbing the
      robe Sylvia held out to him. Helping her up, he wrapped her in her own
      robe, smiling as she sat heavily back down on the bed.

      Hank smiled hugely as he made his way to the bed. "Wonderful! Very
      passionate, my friends. We will shoot the ending after lunch."

      The crew, as was usual during a shoot like this, cleared out quickly,
      leaving them alone on the set. It was standard procedure to give the stars
      a bit of private time to wind down before the next scene.

      "Marie?" Logan questioned, seeing the thoughtful expression on her face.

      "Just wondering what my mother would say if she knew what I just did."

      "Mom wouldn't take it well?" Logan asked, settling back down on the bed
      with her.

      "Don't think so, sugar."

      "Mom a real straightlaced type?"

      "Aren't all southern mamas?"

      "I'm from Canada, remember?"

      She turned and grinned at him. "Eh, I forgoot all aboot that."

      He gave her a mock glare, rubbing his face. "I need to go shave again."

      She looked at him. "Why do you shave for work, instead of the other way

      He grinned wryly. "I have a five o'clock shadow at noon. For these
      things, I shave, it grows back, nobody knows me on the street. The other
      way around just wouldn't work."

      "Ahh. " She sat up, letting the robe fall open slightly. "Do you need
      some help shaving?"

      Not bothering to answer, he took her hand and they headed back up to their


      Returning to the set at the two o'clock start time, Logan and Marie were in
      good spirits. Marie had been very careful, shaving the stubble from
      Logan's face. To avoid making a mess on the robes they had stripped, and
      concentration had come and gone. It had taken the entire hour, and had
      begged some interesting ideas for the next time they had a weekend and a
      can of whipping cream instead of shaving cream.

      The scene began where the other had left off, Wolverine in the bed, a
      silken sheet pulled to his waist. The camera panned up for a close up of
      his face then fell back to see the sheet move, a lump stopping at his
      hips. The expression on Wolverine's face changed from sleep relaxed to
      distracted as he writhed in time to this erotic dream.

      Under the sheet, Rogue continued to arouse him, watching as he grew
      harder. He bucked his hips, his hand moving to stroke her head, the signal
      that he was about to pull the sheet back. Opening wide, she swallowed as
      much of him as she could. When the sheet was pulled back and the camera,
      now over Wolverine's shoulder panned down his body, getting a perfect view
      of her pleasuring him orally. Pulling back, she let him fall from her
      lips, knowing the camera would love to see him, fully aroused and ready to
      start again.

      Rogue's hands stole beneath to tickle his balls as she took him deep yet
      again, surpressing the instinct to gag and letting him thrust against her
      lips. Her hands moved up and stroked his belly, making circular motions as
      she ran her teeth up his hard length, nipping gently just below the head,
      making him shudder.

      Nudging him with her nose, she licked from his balls back up to the head,
      stopping to swirl her tongue and lick the glistening droplet from the
      tip. She stared into his eyes and licked her lips. Wolverine sat up, his
      groans turned into a low, sexy growl. He leant down and grasped her,
      pulling her up his body, his lips finding hers with a forceful kiss.

      Rogue perched on his hips, pressing down on his erection, moaning when his
      hands came up and fastened themselves to her breasts, squeezing gently, his
      thumbs swirling her nipples clockwise. She gave herself up to the
      sensations of lips and hands, her hips moving unconsciously with the rhythm
      he set.

      When he fell back, she followed, moaning as his cock wedged into her wet
      heat. She shifted slightly, then pressed down and they both moaned as the
      head penetrated. Rolling over, he slid down her body, positioning himself
      between her legs, his tongue separating her nether lips. He had only
      licked once when her feet were on his shoulders, and she pushed him away
      from her.

      Looking down at her, he gave her a questioning look.

      She gave him a siren's smile and turned around, positioning her head near
      the foot of the bed, her feet near the headboard, her legs opened
      wide. When he stepped up to the bed, she could see his hard length swaying
      above her. Smiling up at him, she let her legs fall open, watching his
      cock quiver. He took the hint and moved back to the bed, placing a knee on
      either side of her head, leaving his penis to hang over her head while his
      returned to nestle between her thighs. Rogue leaned up and took him in her
      mouth, tasting herself on him as she wrapped her lips around him. Craning
      her neck, she took him deeper, sucking, pulling her head back as he thrust
      shallowly. Wolverine lowered himself into her mouth so she could take him,
      groaning as her arms went around his hips to hold onto his buttocks,
      pulling him to her, setting a rhythm.

      Keeping one elbow firmly on the mattress, he used his other hand to open
      her lips, finding the excited bundle of nerves. His tongue moved inside,
      curling to push into her wet channel, mimicking the actions of his hips as
      she took him deep in her mouth, her lips pursing around him, suckling
      him. He let his fingers, coated with her warm essence, stroke her clit,
      quivering as her moan vibrated through his sensitized flesh.

      Rogue let one hand fall between his open legs and started to massage the
      underside of his balls, lifting their heft, rolling them. Lightly
      squeezing, she was rewarded with a moan. Feeling lightheaded as his
      tongue left her, she growled in complaint, making him shudder again. She
      started violently as she felt a finger enter her, then two as he started to
      tongue and suck her clit. Lifting her hips, trying to get him to move
      deeper, she stepped up her touching, letting her tongue work the helmet
      shaped head until she could taste him, feel the warm liquid starting to
      fill her mouth. Wolverine returned the favor, tonguing her, his fingers
      fighting her muscles to withdraw, then pushing back inside in a familiar
      rhythm. She orgasmed as his tongue lapped at her, the sensation pushing
      her over the edge. There was nothing in the room but them as they
      pleasured each other.

      When they were done, when he had finished, pulling lax and satiated from
      her lips, pressing one last kiss to her clit, he carefully rolled to his
      back, then twisted around so their heads were next to one another on the
      mattress. Their hands moved on each other's skin, petting and
      touching. Looking up, they saw the cameras moving over them, taking in
      every detail of their passionate loving.

      When the cameras pulled back, Rogue rolled off the bed. Grabbing one of
      the sheets from their disarrayed pile on the floor, she handed it to him,
      motioning him to get up. "Come, Maximus." She walked over to the cage and
      retrieved her stola, turning to watch him wrap the sheet around him like a
      makeshift toga.

      With that she led him out the door. Hank and Jubilee were on the other
      side, their eyes huge. "Cut!" Hank squeaked.

      "Wow. That was…" Jubilee's voice broke off.

      "Gold." Hank completed for her.

      "Yeah." Jubilee's huge hoop earrings jangled as she nodded violently.

      Hank took a deep breath and looked at Wolverine and Rogue, collecting
      himself. "Allright. We'll go down and shoot the bath scene, then we're
      almost done for the day."

      Marie looked at Logan, knowing she looked as disreputable as he did. They
      turned down the hall to go out the spa that Charlie had put in a few years
      ago. It wasn't a roman bath by any means, but it was close enough. And as
      Scott had said when the previous scene had been put on the storyboard, did
      anyone really think at this point that the average viewer would notice?

      'Ro was checking the light meters as they entered the room, nodding to Hank
      as he moved around them. "All right," Hank called. "Everyone in position."

      Rogue and Wolverine moved to the door, and at a signal from Jubilee,
      entered the bath.

      Dropping their clothes over a bench, they walked into the
      pool. Wolverine ducked under, letting the water cleanse him. Moving
      over to the underwater bench, he sat, watching Rogue as she let the water
      flow over her from the man in the moon spout against the wall of the
      bath. When she was done, she moved over to him, sitting on his lap.

      "You did not expect to see me, Maximus."

      "No, not after…"

      "Why did you leave?"

      "I was forced away."

      "You will not speak against her?"

      "No. She acted in haste and poorly."

      "You killed her favorite in the arena."

      "That was battle, Sexta. Nothing more."

      "Ahh." Rogue leaned into him, her lips capturing hers.

      "Ahem." Shocked, they broke apart, looking up at Pyro, standing next to
      the bath.

      "What do you want, Pyronicus?"

      "Your father wishes your report, my lady."

      "Very well." Rogue stood up, leaving Wolverine in the water, looking at
      her, his eyes a dark brown.

      "Pyronicus will find you some clothes," Rogue said, pulling on her
      stola. "He will bring you to me when I have finished with my father." She
      turned, striding out the door, leaving Wolverine and Pyro staring after her.

      "Her father?" Wolverine asked, already knowing the answer.

      "The Emperor Principus Priapicus," Pyro replied, pulling a toga out of a


      Rogue's next scene was with Charlie alone.

      He was seated on a faux marble throne, his long toga covering his legs when
      she arrived back in the ballroom. The set was in the small corner of the
      ballroom the cage bedroom hadn't filled.

      At a nod from Hank, she walked over to him.

      "Have you made a decision, daughter?"

      "Yes. He is the one."

      "He tested well?"

      "Yes. He is the one I told you about."

      "I had wondered. Very well. He will be yours." Rogue came to his side,
      and he stroked the side of her cheek. "He is free for you, daughter."

      Rogue stood back and curtsied respectfully. "Thank you, father." With
      that, she turned and left.


      The scene between Rogue and Charlie's scene and Rogue and Wolverine's next
      scene was being shot on the balcony. Wolverine, dressed in the same kind
      of barely decent toga as Pyro, was waiting outside the room where he and
      Rogue had shot their scenes.

      Phoenix, dressed in a stola much the same as Rogue's, climbed the stairs to
      meet him, looking uncomfortable at the lack of warm welcome.


      "Lady Drucilla."

      "Rumor has it you have passed her tests."

      "Yes. I am sorry about your lover, but it was… necessary."

      "You have gained your revenge, Maximus."

      "It was never about revenge."

      "So you care for her?"

      "Lady, what would you have do? Call young Pyronicus over there over and
      run off with you? Have him tell Sexta my heart belongs to someone else?"

      "Would it be a lie?"


      "Then no, Maximus Erectus, I would not have you say it." Phoenix began to
      move back down the steps, carefully holding the stola. "Good bye,
      Maximus. Be well."

      "To you as well, Lady Drucilla." Wolverine turned, not even watching
      Phoenix as she left.

      Turning, he saw Rogue coming at him, smiling. "Come, Maximus. We have
      plans to make."

      "As you wish, Lady Sexta," he said, smiling down at her.

      And with that, they walked back into the ballroom.

      "Cut!" Hank called.

      It took a few minutes of sorting out, but soon everyone was gathered in the
      ballroom. "I do believe this will be our greatest epic to date," Hank
      enthused, smiling hugely.

      Jean grinned at him. "Yes, but where on earth did you get that last line,
      Hank? That 'My heart belongs to someone else' dross? Cheesy, Hank, very

      "Ah, well, it seemed like a good set up line for a sequel, when we did the
      storyboards. You know, make it seem like he could have feelings for
      someone else."

      "It didn't work, dude." Jubilee stated from her place next to Rogue.

      "I suppose not. Well, we will see how the sequel works out. I'm sure that
      it will all work out." Hank looked around. "Is anyone else hungry? How
      about Thai food tonight?"


      The tapes were in the editing room, waiting to be edited and spliced, the
      post-filming orgy of a Thai food meal finished. Marie and Logan, mellowed
      by a long soak in their tub, were curled around each other, the afterglow
      of the day's events lasting long and felt deep. Kissing her shoulder,
      Logan twisted around, grabbing something from the bedside table drawer.

      Marie's eyes grew huge as he turned back to face her, a small green velvet
      box in one large hand. Leaning back on the pillows he took her in his
      arms, her head resting on his chest.

      "Marie, darlin', I want to ask you something," he said as he opened the box.


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