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3190a little challenge. . . .

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    Jul 17, 2001
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      It occurred to me that while there has been a decent
      amount of fanfic written which features the students
      at Xavier's mansion, most of it tends to involve the
      same small group: Rogue (of course), Kitty, Jubilee,
      Bobby, St. John (and sometimes Gambit and Nightcrawler
      as an introduced character who was not in the film).

      Yet in the film, we saw several other recognizable
      from comic canon students. Of those, I think I've
      seen only Peter and/or Ilyana Rasputin appear, and
      that in only a few stories.

      So, my challenge is this: write a story of any type
      which features prominently at least one of the OTHER
      known students whom we saw in the film. Any of the
      known favorites can be present, and the story can be a
      romance, vignette, action-adventure....whatever, but
      the other character(s) should be major players. Below
      is a list of some of the ones I recognized (and the
      scene where they appear):

      --Neal Sharra (Thunderbird III): talking to Bobby in
      the hallway about Rogue
      --Dani Moonstar (Mirage): professor's office, physics
      lesson, possibly in the garage as well for the
      motorbike lesson
      --Peter Rasputin (Colossus): VERY brief spot, kid
      drawing by the fountain, maybe in the motorbike
      --Fred Dukes (Blob): obviously overweight kid standing
      in the door when Rogue interrupts Logan's nightmare,
      possibly elsewhere
      --Pietro Maximoff ? (Quicksilver): fast kid on the
      ballcourt, kid in the window watching the Blackbird
      take off
      --John (or Jimmy) Proudstar (original Thunderbird, or
      if Jimmy, Warpath): Indian boy standing behind
      Maximoff, watching the Blackbird take off

      Those are the ones I spotted. Yes, like St. John,
      both Dukes and Maximoff were "bad guys" at least for a
      while in the comics. And yes, Maximoff is Magneto's
      son. (THAT'S fodder for a story!) Also, if Peter
      Rasputin is around, his sister Ilyana (Magick) might
      be, too, and if Pietro M. is around, so is his sister,
      Wanda (Scarlet Witch).

      For information about any or all of these characters
      from the comic, you can find it here:

      Happy storytelling! :-)


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