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3119Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Just out of curiosity...editorial?

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  • Jengrrrl
    Jul 2, 2001
      Uh, guys, don't mean to spoil the fun, but I'm pretty damn sure this list is
      not for discussion. That list exists elsewhere. Thanks.


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      > In a message dated 7/2/01 4:16:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      > sabra_tooth@... writes:
      > > Are there ANY non-logan/Rogue "Love" stories out there? Everyone
      > > keeps forgetting,that he said "well,tell her my heart BELONGS TO
      > > ANOTHER." As in,Jean!!! Hello?! Logan no loves Rogue;like
      > > that...but,as a kid sister.....That's my main rant for now...I would
      > > just like to see some movie fic out there,that stays true to the basic
      > > story,and ways they think...
      > >
      > I'm sick of Logan/Rogue fics too. I don't even think they make a good
      > pairin'. Yeah, they're way better as a sibling kinda thing I think... but
      > whole part "Tell her my heart belongs to someone else" doesn't have to
      > Jean. At first, I thought it was about the Professor, lol. But if they're
      > gonna start goin' in the canon direction, then maybe it is Jean. Or if
      > they're gonna do it similar to the original comic, then Lady Death Strick
      > maybe. But, hell, we can't forget that this is an entirely different
      > where Logan doens't even look like any of the others, and Storm is more
      > and doesn't even sound like the's from Africa (I don't know what country
      > particular, sorry). So, I guess, Logan might really be gay in this
      > Ya never know...
      > ~Natas
      > Sorry for the OT, but hey, I'm just followin' the pack, lol (don't judge
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