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3114Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Just out of curiosity...editorial?

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  • kittenrescue
    Jul 2, 2001
      I think that most fans thought that line was really lame and so they tend to ignore it. I was on a Logan/Marie list and wrote a fic that started off Marie/Scott and got toasted really bad for it. The flamers didn't even give it a chance to go beyond the first chapter.

      As far as the movie and it's sequel, if Bryan Singer doesn't exploit the obvious chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin, then he doesn't deserve to helm the second movie.
      Here's a link to a review of X-Men that discusses that:

      Highlights of the review include:

      Any one scene between Jackman and Paquin has more electricity than anything in The Patriot and The Perfect Storm combined.Their scenes together have a wonderfully complex feel to them; a barely- harnessed sexual attraction combined with each of their heavily-loaded emotional baggage. But the subplot involving the attraction of Wolverine to Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) is written in a slapdash, third-grade manner, and suffers under the almost-overwhelming chemistry of Jackman and Paquin.

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