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3024WRFA Author Interview

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  • hanscomd@husson.edu
    Jun 18, 2001
      Hi everybody,

      I'm back from vacation and here to let you know that Victoria P.'s
      interview is completed and in Sarah's hands. She's working on
      getting it posted as soon as she can. Possibly by the end of this
      week. It's another great interview, so be sure to check the archive
      (www.wolverineandrogue.com/fic) and read it when it's available.

      Moving on, the next interview will be with Donna Bevan. Donna is the
      author of such stories as the "Adaptations" series, "A Red Shoes
      Diaries Letter" series, "Crazy For This Girl", "For the Good
      Times", "Threads", and many more. All can be read at the archive.
      Please send any questions you have for Donna to me at the address
      below by July 1st. They'll be compiled and sent to her that first
      week of July.

      Thanks for your interest and participation.

      Diane Hanscom
      Brewer, ME
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